How To “Correctly” And Safely Throw Away Your Old Smartphones, Cell Phones, And Mobile Routers!


I think some surprisingly many people want to dispose of their old mobile phones and smartphones but are not sure if they can dispose of them as ordinary garbage. Let’s explain how to properly and safely dispose of smartphones that are no longer needed.

I think there are surprisingly many people who want to dispose of their old mobile phones and smartphones but are not sure if they can dispose of them as ordinary garbage. Let’s explain how to properly and safely dispose of smartphones that are no longer needed.

What Is The Correct Way To Throw Away a Smartphone?

I think that many people say that the frequency of replacement of mobile communication devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, and mobile routers has decreased compared to before, partly because the performance has improved significantly and the price has increased recently. increase. However, there are still many people who still have some old equipment that they no longer use due to replacement by purchase.

Certainly, many people may not want to let go of their smartphones, which they have been using for many years, because they are attached to them. However, in fact, it may be surprising that some people do not know how to throw away their mobile phones and leave them as they are.

Certainly, mobile phones and smartphones are classified as “small household appliances”, and although it depends on the local government, basically they cannot be disposed of as household waste. This is because small household appliances use a lot of metals such as gold and silver, and some precious resources are called “rare metals”, so the medals given to athletes at the Tokyo Olympics are actually small used small ones. Gold, silver, and copper recycled from home appliances are used.

Therefore, in 2013, the “Small Home Appliance Recycling Law” was enforced to recycle valuable resources from small home appliances, and smartphones are also subject to this, so it is necessary to have them collected for recycling in order to dispose of them. There is. The question is where to collect it, but in the case of smartphones, there are two main methods.

Have The Local Government Collect it

One is to have your local government collect it. The collection method differs depending on the municipality, but one of the main methods is to bring the equipment to a dedicated collection box. It seems that these boxes are often installed in public facilities such as government offices, so please check the websites of each local government.

In addition, depending on the municipality, there are cases where the waste is collected in the same way as recyclable waste, cases where small household appliances are collected at an event, and cases where the collected waste is sorted out, so it can be used as non-burnable waste. It seems that there are cases where you can put it out. Since the collection method differs depending on the local government, we recommend that you check the website of your local government.

Have Them Collected At a Mobile Phone Shop

And the other is to bring it to a mobile phone shop. In fact, in the case of mobile phones and smartphones, they can be collected by bringing them to a nearby mobile phone shop.

We also accept terminal collections at NTT DoCoMo, au, Softbank, and Rakuten Mobile shops, all of which collect not only terminals of the same company and brand as they shop, but also terminals sold by other companies. .. Therefore, you may bring a smartphone purchased from a shop.

The collected terminals will be sent to a recycler, crushed, and then recycled, but it is still safer to have the data in the terminals erased in advance before being collected. By the way, it seems that some shops also offer a service that crushes the terminal on the spot for models such as old mobile phones that can remove the battery.

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If It Is a New Model, There Is Room To Consider Buying a Used One.

You don’t have to pay to dispose of your old cell phone because there is no collection cost to recycle it. However, if it is a relatively new model, you can make money by having a second-hand shop buy it rather than throwing it away.

The purchase price of the terminal changes depending on the model, shop, and time of purchase, but as the years go by, the purchase price will drop and you may not be able to purchase the model that is too old, so if you choose to purchase it as soon as possible Would be good.

If you sell it as a used car, you may be more concerned about the handling of personal information, but recently, the industry has given a certification mark to businesses that have cleared the screening standards set by the general incorporated association “Reuse Mobile Japan”. Efforts to ensure safety and security are also underway. If you refer to such information and select a business operator to purchase, you will feel more secure.

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