Honesty For The Third Time. The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G From Samsung Is Finally Out!

Galaxy Z Fold3

It has been 3 years since it was said that it would peel off and wrinkle. Finally, the completed form has arrived.

“Just bending makes your smartphone so much fun.” … The Samsung Galaxy series has opened a hole in the stagnant smartphone market. The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G has dealt with all the things that aren’t enough!

Screen Strength Increased By 80%

At first glance, it’s not much different from the Z Fold 2, but the biggest evolution is in the spec sheet. The main bendable screen has the same size, refresh rate, and resolution as the previous generation (7.6 inches, 120Hz, 2208 x 1768), but its durability has increased by 80%! Says Samsung. I have installed a new protective film at the factory, but I owe much to the results. 

The material of the protective film itself is also powered up. I stopped using the soft TPU material and changed it to a PET material with perfect adhesiveness, so it seems that it sticks tightly and does not come off, and there is no worry of bubbles entering. That was the biggest problem with the Z Fold 2, so I’m relieved for the time being.

There are still wrinkles, though

Stylus Push

Z Fold 3 is officially compatible with the long-awaited stylus with the addition of Wacom’s digitizer layer. This year, the release of the new Galaxy Note product has been postponed, so we have received it. Even people who can’t move their index fingers on the pen are so big. There is no way not to use it. I have a feeling that the stylus is becoming more important than ever.

Perhaps Samsung thinks “the stylus is coming!”, The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has two types of the stylus. First, the $ 50 S Pen Fold Edition. This is a slightly larger version of the Galaxy Note’s S pen. If the pen pressure is too strong, the pen tip will detect it, so it will not damage the screen. The other is the $ 100 S-Pen Pro, which is very satisfying for heavy users. It’s longer than the Fold edition and is available on all Stylus-enabled Samsung devices. When using it with Z Fold3, it feels like enabling it with the toggle switch above.

When unfolded, it looks like a notepad. I’ve always wanted to do this on my smartphone …! Seems to be fine

No matter how strong it is, it’s different from glass that doesn’t fluffy, so it’s still awkward at first, but once you get over that wall, it’s this one. Z Fold 3 is like a tiny tablet screen. It’s natural to open it up and take notes or scribble, and I wanted to use it like that. Well, both types don’t have a pen holder, though.

I Worked Hard On Durability And Waterproofing!

What I’m most happy about for everyday use is the improved durability. Until now, it was not waterproof, so you had to be careful when handling it, but since Z Fold3 is waterproof IPX8, it is okay to flood it to a depth of 1.5 m for 30 minutes.

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The camera on the back uses Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass DX for the lens cover, making it less likely to get scratched. The Gorilla Glass Victus covers the front 6.2-inch screen. A refresh rate of 120Hz, which is faster than before. The design of the hinge has also changed. The inside is dustproof and the outside is made of Armor aluminum. It’s said to be stronger than any type of aluminum Samsung has ever used on its smartphones.

How About This?

The only thing I don’t like about the Z Fold 3 is the under-display camera, which puts the selfie camera under the screen. I think it’s a consideration not to be distracted when looking at the screen, but whether the background is bright or dark, it will be easier to use because it looks like a camera, so whether the effect is as intended Is “?”.

The overall design of the Z Fold 3 may not have changed much, but it feels solid in my hand, yet it’s a little thinner. The gap when stacked is also a little smaller. Compared to Z Fold 2, I feel the difference between ready-made clothes and tailor-made clothes. I think it’s also an interesting move to expand the joint system with Google and Microsoft to develop apps for folding smartphones. 

Starting with 50 apps coming out with the release, there are signs that they will continue to come out in the future. Also, following the PC, Z Fold3 has a taskbar, so you can open your favorite app and perform multitasking.

The dark gray circle on the upper right is new under the display camera of Z Fold 3. It stands out more 

The Contents Are Also Improved

The components of interest are the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, or 512GB. It has a fingerprint sensor on the side and three cameras (main, ultra-wide-angle, 2x optical zoom, all 12MP). The only deferred one is the battery. This is 4,400mAh, which is actually 100mAh less than last year’s model.

It’s a Little Cheaper, But

The price is 200 dollars cheaper than the previous model and the lowest price is 1,800 dollars (about 200,000 yen). It’s not a price that ordinary people can buy so much, so if you want to sell stupidly, you have to cut $ 1,500 … But, well, it’s a smartphone with so many features, so … I’m grateful that it’s just $ 200 cheaper.

This is good at first! It’s a silver model that I thought of, but when I tried using it, the bezel shined and shined. Is it a little distracting?

All The Measures Are Over

The Z Fold3 seems to have responded to almost every problem and dissatisfaction I had with the Z Fold2. Strength, durability, and waterproofness. The biggest anxiety factor of folding smartphones has disappeared, and if the fascinating stylus becomes IN, it seems that there are many power users and Galaxy Note fans who jump as soon as they wait. Is the remaining issue the rear camera? Video and photography aren’t the only uses for smartphones, but if you’re willing to pay $ 1,800, you’ll want a high-magnification optical zoom like the S21 Ultra and a 108MP main sensor! I’m greedy. I know it’s something I don’t have.

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