How To Make Money With a Blog: Tips And Useful Ideas

Would you like to start a blog to make money? Here is how much you can get from your online magazine and with which strategies.

How to make money with a blog is one of the crucial questions that, generally, those who intend to open an online magazine or those who already own one and intend to make the most of it. Obviously, this depends on how a person is able to manage their online presence based on this particular form of communication. Let’s now discover the ad hoc strategies and techniques that allow you to make money with a blog.

What is a blog?

First, let’s start with the concept of a blog. The original meaning of this word comes from “web-log,” and, initially, it meant an “online diary.” As a means of individual expression or organization of personal passions, the blog, over time, has assumed an increasingly important role as a means of circulating ideas, experiences, and information regarding the most disparate specific sectors.

The concept of interactivity is what characterizes it compared to read-only websites: users of a blog, in fact, are encouraged to read posts and generate comments. A blog, then, generally presents an organization of contents structured into categories, tags, and dates.

How to make money with a blog

It is very difficult to define in advance how much you earn with a blog or, better said, how much you can earn with a blog. The techniques in this regard, in fact, are many.

How to make money with a blog: announcements and sponsorships

Often, the first choice of those who think about the possibility of making money with a blog falls on the advertise and sponsorships to be included in posts and pages.

The banner advertising service offered by Google, that is Google Adsense, is the master. Through it, you can place advertisements on your blog, earning in relation to the number of ad impressions or clicks on the ads.

The diffusion of ad-blocks, that is, those services that allow users to block the advertisements contained in the web pages, however, compromises part of the effectiveness in terms of profitability of the ads, complicating the possibility of earning by exploiting this technique.

How to make money with a blog: affiliations

Affiliation marketing is another technique that allows you to make money with a blog. The principle behind it is the possibility of obtaining a profit percentage on each sale generated through links to external products included in the blog.

This depends on various factors, from the quality of the contents present in it to the volume of traffic passing through the type of promoted products and affiliate programs.

How to make money with a blog: inbound marketing

As already mentioned, the possibility of earning money with your blog is inevitably connected and, above all, to the blog’s authority.

A blog is an important tool available to demonstrate one’s competence and build trust in the eyes of the reader (and potential customer). The blog, on a practical level, works like a magnet capable of attracting visitors who, following the fundamental steps of inbound marketing, must then be converted into contacts and transformed into actual customers able to guarantee a profit.

The care of the contents on the blog is essential to gain accreditation as a qualified person to talk about that particular topic that the blog deals with and, therefore, to attract visitors. Equally important is to provide a call to action for them in order to direct them to the landing page and, from there, transform them into contacts to “feed” with offers able to convince them to become customers (by proposing, for example, a guide or a course).

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