Eight Danger Signals Common To Companies That Should Not Join

Many people are currently looking for a job.

According to a Bank rate job seeker survey in August 2021, more than half (55%) of Americans plan to look for new jobs within the next 12 months.

It’s also a tough labour market, with more job vacancies than job seekers, so there will likely be 

many opportunities for those with good skills.

However, just because you get a job offer doesn’t mean you should accept it.

“It’s important to look for warning signs during the interview,” said monster career expert Vicki Salemi.

In the same way that whether or not you are worthy for the company beyond are determined, you will evaluate the company you.

To summarize the story of career experts, no matter how good the company looks when there are warning signs such as :

It takes time to make a decision

If a company takes a long time (more than 30 days) to decide to make an offer and there is no good reason why it took so long, the situation may indicate a leadership issue or some internal issue.

“You can get a glimpse of the company’s culture during the job interview,” said Joe Mullings, Chairman and CEO of the Mullings Group.

The change of people is intense.

Similarly, Mullings advises that you should see why the position is open and how long it is open.

“This is, whether the turnover of employees took to the job is intense , also , important information for determining whether or not the people of the hard type that works together with the boss is” referred to as, if possible, before the work I suggest looking for someone who was doing it and listening to their opinions.

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Opinions of interviewers are very different.

Amanda Augustine’s career experts Top Resume is that more than one interviewer must understand the job and the culture. The answer from the different interviewer thatare very differentwatch out in case It states.

If you get significantly different answers to your job-specific skills, day-to-day work, and corporate culture questions, it may indicate that your company’s team does not have a clear vision.

If you get different or inconsistent answers, it’s a red flag.


Augustine said, if the company for the work, which can also remotely request a full-time attendance, especially considering this one and a half years, it may be a sign the lack of flexibility in the company’s corporate culture is called a.

Inflexibility may also be a barrier to attracting new talent. Many employees now overwhelmingly want remote work.

If your company doesn’t want to allow remote work for some employees, some working hours, or all, it can be difficult to attract new talent.

Mullings says there is another danger signal.

(Another danger signal) There is little dialogue and inflexibility during negotiations: no negotiations on job offers or no conversation before a formal offer. In today’s environment, there must be a two-way interaction between the offeror and the recipient.

Unmotivated interviewer

According to the Future of Work, an annual monster survey, 73% of U.S. workers said, “In a virtual interview, we actually evaluate how a company’s values ​​and culture match their values ​​and culture. It’s difficult to do. “

However, Salemi says the interviewer’s style can tell you a lot about the company and its employees.

The interviewer may not be listening. When you’re talking from here on the screen, you may look distracted over there, and you may be glancing at your email on your smartphone.

It is also a dangerous signal for the interviewer to talk about himself or to talk negatively about the company or colleagues.

Such behavior, the interviewer is not committed to finding the right people, or culture may also reflect the low quality of management style.

No diversity

Diversity, fairness and inclusiveness (DE & I) are important to job seekers. According to a 2020 survey conducted by Monster, “the majority of job seekers (62%) decline offers when they feel that the company does not value a comprehensive and diverse work culture .”

Ask questions about your company’s approach to DE & I and observe closely at the interview to see if your company is doing it.

No opportunity for growth

Salemi said that when employees aren’t offered the opportunity to grow as the company grows, they may need to rethink their acceptance of the offer.

Employers should deliberately communicate their career paths and growth opportunities during the interview.

According to monster data, the top two reasons for looking for a new job are burnout and lack of growth or opportunity in the job. If you want a growth path but the job offered doesn’t, think twice and act.

Apply pressure

“Be careful if you’re pressured to respond on the spot when you get a job offer, or in a short amount of time, for example within 24 hours,” Augustine said.

Don’t be afraid to demand that you need time to ponder your offers and options before committing.

If you hesitate to give an extra day to think of an offer, something may be a sign of something wrong.

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