Effective Use Of Instagram Stamps

Instagram stamps: Since its release in 2016, Instagram’s story feature has provided new opportunities for both brands and users to deliver authentic and creative content.

Today, this story feature, which self-destructs in 24 hours, is widely used as the flagship marketing strategy for Instagram, complementing posts that are permanently published on the feed screen.

Meanwhile, do you all know the powerful ” Instagram (Instagram) stamp ” function that many brands still haven’t touched?

Stamps are often mistaken for just a design add-on feature. But instant (in-Star grams, Instagram) if you correctly use the right time stamp and more fun story, from the fact that to reach a new audience instant (in-Star grams, Instagram) make money in up to it, Helps you achieve any marketing goals. For information on building an audience on Instagram (Instagram, Instagram), please see ” How to get followers on Instagram (Instagram) “.

How to use Instagram stamps: Basic knowledge

Instagram stamps are versatile graphic tools that you can add to your story with images and videos. Some are animated, some are clickable, and some allow the user to interact with the story. Stamps are a feature that makes your story more enjoyable and enhances user engagement. It should be noted that in order to improve the story for Engagement, ” instant (in-Star grams, Instagram) certification guide (in English) You can get the certification badge to check.”

Instagram stamps are displayed by tapping the stamp icon at the top right of the story edit screen after uploading an image or video.

Tap this icon to see a list of Instagram stamps. Customizable stamps such as “hashtag”, “mention”, and “location” are displayed first, and others can be scrolled down or searched for the stamp you want to use.

Select one stamp you want to use and drag it to place it on the story. You can change the size of the stamp by pinching the icon. If you have multiple choices in one stamp, you can tap the icon to choose a different style.

10 indispensable Instagram (Instagram, Instagram) stamps

Many of the stamps are cute; some make the story more fashionable and fun, while others directly contribute to Instagram’s marketing goals. There are many options, but here are some customizable stamps that are especially relevant for marketing:

  1. Hashtag Stamp: Adds a clickable hashtag to your story. Effective in reaching more users and promoting brand hashtags. When users click on a hashtag, they go to the hashtag feed as if they were searching manually. You can also use the Text Box tool to add clickable Instagram tags and hashtags, but they’re not as noticeable as stamps.
  2. “Mention” stamp: A stamp that tells other users that you have tagged them in your story. When someone taps it, it takes you to the tagged user’s profile. The other user caption (English) can also be mentioned in the but, towards the “Mention” stamp is more casual gesture would say that it is.
  3. Location Stamps: Tag locations associated with your story to extend your reach. When the user taps the stamp, other content tagged with the same place will appear on the feed screen. You can only add one “location” stamp per story, so be sure to choose the most relevant one.
  4. “Question” stamp: View open-ended questions and crowdsource ideas, feedback, and answers from your audience. The collected answers can be shared on the story as a follow-up post at a later date.
  5. “Questionnaire” stamp: Ask the user two questions and solicit answers. By default, the question is displayed as a “yes/no” format question, but you can change it to an alternative question you created. The user can answer by clicking on the stamp, and the result will be calculated in real-time. You can see who responded to the survey, giving you more opportunities to engage directly with them.
  6. “Product” stamp: A product stamp that can be used by a business account that links the shopping functions of Instagram (Instagram, Instagram) and activates the sales channel. You can tag products in the story, and users can tap the tags to check the product’s price, description, model name, etc. Tap it again to go to the product page where you can make a purchase (Note: If you do not have the shopping function, put a link to the online shop on the link in bio on your Instagram profile and make it a follower. Encourage them to click).
  7. “Music” stamp: Select a soundtrack from Spotify to add background music to your story images and videos.
  8. “Emoji Slider” Stamp: This is for asking the user a question using the slider function (like a 1-10 grade rating). When asked, “How much do you like the new collection compared to the previous collection?”, The user slides an emoji to indicate that degree. After answering, the user can see the average value.
  9. “GIF” stamp: Adds a moving graphic from GIPHY on the story. Not only is it fun and dynamic, but it also allows you to add animated CTA (call to action) to your story (e.g. “follow”, “swipe up”, etc.).
  10. Date Stamp: This shows the date the image, video, and story was created. Use it to post “Throwback” content to look back and recall past events or to display today’s date to liven up upcoming events.

In addition, you can combine multiple stamps on a story for a variety of benefits to maximize impact.

Strengthen sales with the shopping function of Instagram (Instagram, Instagram)

Would you like to tag posts and stories with products and lead them to purchase Engagement with the shopping function for Instagram sales channels linked with Shopify?

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The best way to use Instagram stamps for marketing

Encourage sales of new products.

The new “Product” stamp on Instagram (Instagram) is effective in raising awareness of products and turning that awareness into sales. Users can tap the product stamp to know the details of the product being introduced and tap it again to go to the product page for purchasing the product.

You can also list multiple products in a single post, giving your audience choices and introducing a series of products.

Ask for feedback and try your ideas.

The ” temporary ” story nature is great when you want to get feedback from your users within 24 hours; the “temporary” story nature is excellent. Once you have the information you need, the story will disappear automatically.

The “Questionnaire”, “Emoji Slider”, and “Question” stamps are useful for getting different feedback depending on the content of the question.

If you want your followers to rate your product on a 10-point scale, use the “Emoji Slider” stamp. 

On the other hand, when you want to ask which opinion you support at a popular debate, the “questionnaire” stamp is perfect.

By soliciting feedback in the story in this way, you can get to know your audience better and try out new products and marketing ideas.

For example, in the following GAP Instagram story, we solicit fun emoji questionnaires to help you understand your audience’s tastes while introducing your products.

Hold an AMA session to connect with your followers personally.

The “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” session allows followers to interact directly with you in the background of your brand. No other social media has such a feature.

By using the question-and-answer “question” stamp, you can give your followers a chance to know you in mystery personally.

Instant (in-Star grams, Instagram) followers (English) can not be found on the website; it will rejoice so that you can have questions about such new products. Tell them that you will answer good questions directly in the story, and you’ll get a bunch of interesting questions.

Share user-generated content to encourage other users to create content.

User-created content can be a powerful source of information that enhances your content. However, it’s important to clearly show that someone else created it when sharing that content, not you.

When sharing user-generated content in a story, use “mention” stamps to tag the creators who created the content and publicly acknowledge their achievements and thank them. This way, you can tell your followers that you are respectful and encourage others to share your content.

You can also add branded hashtags to direct your audience to other user-generated content while at the same time encouraging them to share the content they create as well.

If you’re in a hurry to share user-generated content, it’s a good idea to get your permission to share the stories you’re tagged in. When sharing, put a mention stamp on the original content and add ” 📸 Credit: Username “. In general, such posts help you achieve high engagement rates while at the same time encouraging other users to tag your brand.

Add soundtracks to create relevant stories.

“Music” stamps, which are effective in creating a specific mood or atmosphere, help attract users’ attention. Or lip-synching along with the video, image or with the BGM of the holiday mood-packed, music stamp is creating content of creative instant (in-Star grams, Instagram) (English) will keep you spread the chance to.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. In addition to the song search function, Instagram (Instagram) provides music classified by “mood” and “genre”. It’s easy to add hits from Spotify by many popular artists, including Drake, Cardi B, and Fleetwood Mac.

In addition, music stamps can help you express your brand image and share similar tastes of music to connect with your audience.

Promote your brand’s hashtag

Many brands use the power of Instagram hashtags to convey their brand image in a way that is easy for users to understand. Use branded hashtags and other contest and event-specific hashtags to raise awareness and encourage users to share content with those tags.

Hashtags that tend to be buried in Instagram posts can be added to the story and displayed in front of the audience, making them a great tool to get their attention.

If you have a branded hashtag from your fan content, you can use the hashtag stamp to direct your audience to it. When an audience who sees the story clicks on the stamp, they’ll see all the posts with the same tag, which will be a powerful social proof to assess the brand’s popularity.

Tag the location of the event you attended; you plan to attend a trade fair, conference, or event such as a farmer’s market? Whether you’re actively selling your product or just for networking, post a story about the event to let your followers know you’re there personally. Be sure to add a “location” stamp in that case.

Doing so informs your followers that you are there and allows event attendees who see the location stamp to find you.

You may want to add a hashtag stamp for the event that other participants may be searching for, along with the location stamp.

Ask the customer to choose between two products.

Using “questionnaire” stamps to get customers to choose their favourites from two different products is a great way to promote two items at once, share social proof, and know the tastes of your audience. 

The ease of participating in the survey also benefits the brand. It is also very convenient because users can check the results on the spot.

Many users prefer surveys that are easy to answer and allow you to check the answers of others quickly. After seeing the survey results, you may actually want to buy it.

Use date stamps to liven up content recollections and events.

Do you sometimes find it fun to look back on what happened in the past? That’s why a very popular #TBT (#ThrowbackThursday (look back Thursday) ) hashtag is ideal for sharing a part of content. It’s great for setting up situations and sharing stories about past events, such as anniversaries, conferences, and important milestones in life.

When you select an old Instagram story from the archive, the date stamp is automatically displayed on the edit screen, so you can easily remember and share what happened at that time.

Date stamps are also effective for counting down for events such as sales and pop-ups. Sneak peek (fliers) to paste the date stamp on the image and behind-the-scenes video introduction, the time remaining until the big event. Why not try to notify the user.

Get more clicks with the “swipe up” GIF stamp.

If you can add links to your story (which requires more than 10,000 followers and a business profile), you can use it to increase access through your story.

However, the links appear casually at the bottom of the story, so a little boost is needed to ensure that the user takes action.

In such a case, you can use a GIF stamp with the “swipe up” function to let you know that the story has a link.

Even if you can’t add links to your story, you can still use GIF stamps that you can “swipe up” to get your audience interested in URLs, dates, and more.

CTA (Call to Action) makes your content stand out with flashing GIF stamps with animated arrows and messages such as “Follow Me” and “Check it out” You can also add a call to action). If you want to use a prominent CTA, browse the story’s GIF library.

Get users to hear the sound with the “Sound On” GIF.

One of the most overlooked features of Instagram stamps is turning silent actions into call-to-action with sounds.

Since the default setting for video playback is no sound, you can use the “Sound On” stamp to indicate that the content you are viewing is sounded clearly.

The “Sound On” stamp encourages users who are unaware of the sound to listen to it.

“Sound on” stamps are simple stamps that you can add to your video story to keep your audience interested for longer.

Collaborate with other businesses

It may be a good idea to build relationships with other brands to market your business. Showing favour to others on Instagram (Instagram) can be mutually beneficial and good results, especially if they respond.

If you find a target audience that overlaps with a brand that complements your brand, a shout-out interaction that calls on someone is an effective marketing tactic that can be quickly adopted.

If you want to share a story about others, tag them with a “mention” or “location” stamp. It is also skilled in the art, industry influencers (English) But, it can be a brand with a complementarity. If you co-sponsor or participate in a sale, event, or contest, you can expect even more excellent results.

Use seasonal Instagram stamps to enhance your festive mood.

Everyone really enjoys the festive mood, such as Halloween and Christmas, which seems especially true in the story. The story has seasonal stamps that cover almost every celebration you can think of. They are displayed at the right time, so you can easily add a seasonal atmosphere to your story.

For example, if you look at Santa Claus with an animation walking on red socks, you will be able to come up with more and more ideas for Christmas gifts. Or, if you look at the GIF that flashes “15% off”, it’s obvious that you’re in the middle of a sale.

Track performance with Instagram stamps

Instagram stamps are a great tool for getting more Engagement, access, and social proof from your story, in addition to brand awareness. However, it’s important to monitor stamp performance to understand how various stamps affect your content and how effective they are overall.

To do this, you need to monitor the performance of your story on Instagram Insights carefully. The Content tab of the Analytics report on Instagram has a section dedicated to stories, where you can see the performance of each story based on a particular key metric.

These metrics include:

  • Impressions: Total number of times the story was viewed
  • Reach: Total number of accounts that actually saw the story
  • Profile view: Total number of people visiting the profile screen from the story
  • Next: Users who have moved from a story to another image or video
  • Back: Users who have returned to other images or videos in the story
  • Number of moves from the story: Users who leave after viewing the story completely
  • Number of replies: Number of users who replied to the story
  • Next Story: Number of users who skipped the story altogether
  • Link Clicks: Swipe Up Link Clicks

For Instagram stamps, be sure to check the number of taps on the stamp and the number of users who responded to the stamp. By doing so, you can see how attractive the stamp is to your followers and whether you are achieving the desired effect.

Instagram (Instagram) analytics says that story performance can only be tracked for up to 14 days. Therefore, you need to follow your data carefully. For those who find it cumbersome and want to see the big picture, we recommend a third-party tool that will provide similar data for a longer period of time.

Find certain patterns when watching the performance of the story. If you have a story with strong record impressions and reach but little Engagement, it’s important to figure out the problem. Observe closely whether there are stamps that have had an impact on your engagement rate, such as users replying or revisiting the story, or if there are stamps that were overlooked due to placement or size. 

In the meantime, you’ll see how stamps make a difference in story performance. Then you will know how to use stamps in the future.

Instagram Stamp: Cute, fun and practical!

Instagram stamps are more than just fun add-ons that put a smiley face on your story. It’s an excellent tool that plays a key role in Instagram marketing, providing social proof, engagement, reach, brand awareness, and access to profiles and websites.

The most outstanding thing about stamps is that they can be creatively interwoven with various kinds of things.

Stamps are a very valuable tool in Instagram marketing. By adopting a little strategy, you will be able to maximize the potential of the story.

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