7 Tips To Increase Productivity At Work From Home

Work From Home

Many businesses may be working from home due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection. At first, glance, being able to work from home seems fascinating. Especially those who commute to work in the metropolitan area will be free from the stress of crowded trains. You can even wake up later than usual or spend the whole day in your pajamas.

However, while the benefits of working from home, work from home, and teleworking are really attractive, they can also be messed up by various temptations.

Working from home is a whole new thing for anyone trying to stay socially away without meeting people. You’ll be thrown into the depths, knocking down and trying to find stability for the day. If a cute cat rubs her body in search of a hug, can she stay focused? How can you be more productive when the pile of plates in your kitchen is stuck in your head?

This article should be useful in such cases. Here are some simple ways to improve your performance while working from home.

The importance Of a Home Office That Is Easy To Work With

Whether you’re lucky enough to already telework or have to work from home, working from home can be a great experience.

But that doesn’t mean it’s as fun and easy as everyone can imagine.

Working from home requires a lot of discipline. Surrounded by distracting things, chores, day-to-day affairs, it’s difficult to concentrate and work productively.

Working from home varies from person to person, so what applies to one person does not necessarily apply to another. Understanding this is very important first.

By making good use of the tips and tricks presented here, you will be able to better understand working from home and work comfortably and smoothly.

Maybe you’re not the savviest person in the world, but that’s okay. Your home office may be cluttered with books, notebooks, external hard drives, and more.

For some people, this is a nightmare, but for others, it is the most productive environment.

The following is a quote from Einstein’s words. You may feel a little better at working in a messy environment.

If a messy desk is a symbol of a messy spirit, what does an empty desk represent? >-Albert Einstein

It is important to know in what environment you will be motivated. What type of environment fits best?

In my case, everything needs to be tidy, and a cluttered desk reflects a confused and anxious feeling. I know I can’t concentrate in such an environment.

But what about you? Should it be messy? Is there a hidden discipline behind that clutter?

There are no correct or incorrect answers here. However, it is definitely worth trying different environments once to find out what works best for you.

Based on that idea, let’s look at other ways to increase productivity when working from home. It doesn’t matter what type of worker you are.

How To Work From Home And How To Stay Productive

  1. Separate workspace and personal space
  2. Clean up and save time
  3. Wear clothes that can be successful
  4. Invest in beautiful ergonomic furniture
  5. Consider working in a coworking space
  6. Prepare meals from a week ago
  7. Most important: Understand when to get the job done

Separate workspace and personal space combining workspaces and personal spaces are not productive.

Sure, watching Netflix while you work may be a good idea when you’re feeling down. However, in reality, it will greatly reduce productivity. And when these two areas become one, it becomes difficult to allocate time to each, and it falls into a vicious circle.

Worst of all, if your bedroom is your workplace, you can’t leave your work at work after a tough day.

There is a Porch survey that asks business professionals what causes the most distractions when working from home.

Here are the top 5 answers.

  1. TV left on
  2. Personal chores around housework
  3. Use
  4. exercise
  5. Go out for a cup of coffee

Do you remember it? Perhaps at some point in my work from home, I had to deal with one of these.

The workaround is to clearly (physically and mentally) separate the workspace from the space for personal enjoyment. Either you can allocate a specific amount of time of the day as work time, or you can push distractions out of reach.

Separating yourself from what happens in your home can be difficult at first, but it works. If you get the chance, turn your spare room into an office instead of working on the couch.

Points to consider: If your workspace isn’t separate from where you spend your personal time, consider buying a room divider as well.

Clean Up And Save Time

Even if you like to clutter, why not consider organizing a little?

There are many things. Books, notebooks, pens, everywhere. And even your computer desktop is full of old screenshots, word documents, and more.

Most of the time, you know where and what is. But for you and others at home, it’s not a comfortable working environment.

What about things you can’t find? Do you know how much wasted time finding the documents you need at work?

If you feel you need to clean up, take the next step.

  1. Dispose of unnecessary documents. If you find a receipt, a note, a notebook, a piece of paper, or anything around it, you can just put it in a box.
  2. Find a place to store pens and tools for your desk.
  3. Clean your desktop weekly. Delete obstructive and unused files and empty the Trash. Check out our productivity apps to keep your computer tidy.
  4. Throw things away. A PET bottle of soft drinks, an empty bag of potato chips, and as soon as these are on your desk, go to the trash can.

Points to consider: Enjoy cleaning up and use a shredder to dispose of unnecessary documents.

Wear Clothes That Can Be Successful

It’s fascinating to spend the day in pajamas, drink coffee and eat junk food. It is not mentally or physically healthy.

Get up early in the morning and dress like you’re heading to a meeting or office.

This will allow you to switch your mindset to start your day.

In an experiment by the A Life of Productivity team, we investigated what clothing leads to high productivity and found the following:

  • Clothing is symbolic and has a great impact on one’s consciousness. While wearing pajamas will help you relax and get ready to sleep, slacks and button-down shirts will help you switch mentally and enter “work mode.”
  • The longer the appearance time, the higher the motivation to “go out there”. It’s especially useful when you’re more productive by interacting with more people, such as networking events and parties.
  • You can switch it on and off by changing your clothes when you get home. These actions contribute to the line between work and home, especially these days when the clothing in the business environment is becoming more casual.

Of course, if you can get a sense of success in your pajamas, be sure to work in your pajamas.

Points to consider: Incorporate your morning routine after waking up in the morning and before moving on to work.

Invest In Beautiful Ergonomic Furniture

Even if you get up a few times for a break, you probably spend most of your time sitting in front of your desk when you start to concentrate.

That’s why you should invest in ergonomic furniture. Poor workspace environments can compromise productivity and health.

If possible, try an ergonomic chair or standing desk. Working for a few hours at a standing desk is beneficial to your back and productivity.

For those who don’t know the value of investing in a good chair, the Ergo Plus team has discovered:

  • Increased productivity through ergonomics. The best ergonomic solutions increase productivity by up to 25%. Designing your workspace to achieve the right posture, less effort, less movement, the right height, and reach will make your workspace even more efficient.
  • Quality improvement by ergonomic. In an environment that lacks ergonomic suitability, workers become frustrated and tired, and unable to do their best work. For tasks that are too physically demanding, you may not be able to perform like an expert. For example, if an employee’s workbench is too high, the screws cannot be tightened sufficiently, which can cause problems with product quality.

Points to consider: Search your favorite online furniture store to find an ergonomic solution that might suit you.

Consider Working In a Co working Space

Note: You can use different places in your house for different tasks, even if you can’t go out to avoid contact with people.

Sometimes I’m at home and I’m not feeling well. In such a case, let’s leave the home office and have a distraction.

Fortunately, you can choose where you want to work.

Consider working outside one or two days a week, such as in a library, coffee shop, or rental coworking space. This will help you rest at home, reassess your efforts, and eliminate entrepreneurial loneliness.

If possible, work in a place with plenty of natural light. A study by Psychology Today shows that natural light contributes significantly to productivity in the workplace, as well as health benefits.

Also, if you can work in an official coworking space (other than a coffee shop or library), you will have the opportunity to sit next to or help someone who can help you.

Points to consider: Try to use a specific location for a specific task. For example, reply to emails and enter data in a coffee shop, and use a quiet home environment for intensive work.

Prepare Meals From a Week Ago

If you work from home, you usually need to spend the day working to cook. If you’re lucky, you may have a telecommuting partner to help you with your cooking.

Prepare your meal in advance on Sunday nights to reduce the amount of time you have to spend in the kitchen when you need to work. In other words, cook a large amount, store it in a tapper, etc., and apply it to each meal. Now you don’t have to spend time working on cooking.

Bodybuilders and athletes have always done this. There’s no reason entrepreneurs shouldn’t do the same, right?

Entrepreneur Tim Ferriss in the writer, whether Georges St. Pierre of the UFC champion has become the champion to realize how the goals of the training and nutrition management commentary have been. In 2009, when Georges St-Pierre began his experiments, Bice chef and his personal chef Jennifer Nickel used the entire Bice professional kitchen alone to prepare three meals for Georges. Did. A cold meal, a midnight snack, and the next day’s breakfast after a workout. It took 2-4 hours to prepare this meal.

If you don’t eat as much as Georges St-Pierre, you should be ready in less than 2-4 hours. Let’s try it! If you’re not good at preparing and cooking meals, keep in mind that you can take advantage of food delivery services. There are services such as a service that saves you the trouble of shopping and delivers only the necessary ingredients, and a service that delivers healthy meals that can be eaten if cooked and warmed.

Points to consider: Double the number of ingredients and menus next Sunday and prepare a healthy lunch ready to eat.

Most Important Point: Understand When To Get The Job Done

If you’ve heard of entrepreneurs who work hours to reach their goals, working long hours late may seem like a good thing. But you probably haven’t heard much about how they’re spending their time.

They know when to switch from on to off.

Taking a break is perfectly fine. This is important. You can watch TV to some extent. It’s okay to do what you want when you feel you need to take a break.

The Becoming Minimalist team has found compelling reasons for the importance of taking a break.

  • Help get rid of unhealthy emotions such as jealousy, jealousy, and loneliness.
  • Prevents the feeling of fear of missing something.
  • The best moments of life are happening right in front of us.
  • Taking a break promotes creativity rather than consumption.

Points to consider: Watch as many of your favorite shows on Netflix as you like. Take a walk, run, or do whatever you want! However, after finishing the day’s work.

To Work Comfortably At Home

So far, we’ve seen seven tips for working comfortably and productively at home. It is important to put these into practice. To make the transition to working from home easier, try these tips one by one and choose the next one once you’ve mastered it. Trying to do everything at once can be daunting and easy to revert to your usual bad habits. The point is simple. Starting small is the fastest way to successful telecommuting

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