Instagram App Introduction: 20 Tools To Grow Your Account

Instagram App, which has more than 1 billion monthly active users, offers a great opportunity to appeal to new customers, such as products and services. In Star grams, advertising of investment and partnership with influencers is effective, but if you do not have the appropriate tools, in-Star grams, or should I do the post, and will be difficult to know how we want to obtain the results.

So, this time, to accelerate the operation of the Instagram account, we have compiled a list of various Instagram-related apps and tools that you can use in your business. It’s all about tools that help you get your business out, attract more customers to your online store, and achieve effective Instagram monetization.

Instagram Design App

The most important thing on Instagram with a strong presence is to fill the feed with eye-catching visuals and convey the brand’s identity and commercial value.

Even if you’re not a professional photographer yourself, you can create stunning images with just your smartphone and a few design apps. 

1 VSCO (iOS, Android)

Instagram’s default filters are popular as a state-of-the-art tool for mobile photo editing. On the other hand, VSCO has emerged as the king’s tool for creating beautiful photos. If it is a photo editing platform is also the same time social media network VSCO the, in static gram does not have strange even laid in the core of the strategy.

VSCO has great editing features and several high-quality default filters that take your smartphone photos to a new level. The Premium Plan has an even more versatile library of filters, offering endless options to transform your photos brilliantly.

Price: Free basic settings and standard editing tools. VSCO presets and image-movement of the image editing tools per year to access the whole of 19.99 dollars.

2 Snapseed (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

Snapseed is an editing app developed by Google that allows you to make fine adjustments to your photos. Instagram filters add effect to the entire photo, but with Snapseed, you can use a brush to edit the details for each individual photo.

Snapseed ‘s Stack is also a great feature. You can save a group of filters as a template. This Stack can also be applied to future photos, so it’s easy and quick to give a consistent look to your entire feed.

Price: Free

3 Afterlight (iOS)

Afterlight has a rich default set of filters, textures, and frames. Various options allow you to adjust your photos instantly. You can also create your filters, save them, and use them with multiple image frames. Afterlight also comes with a typography tool, which is useful to make your images stand out.

Easy to use with a smart and easy-to-understand design, Afterlight is an essential tool for popping Instagram images.

Price: $ 2.99 / month or $ 17.99 / year Free trial 7 days

4 Canva (web, iOS, Android)

With Canva, you can create images that stand out in your feeds and stories. Insert text, create multi-image layouts, and apply pre-designed graphics to raise the level of your posts and get your followers’ attention.

Especially useful in storytelling, using consistent image formats and fonts will help your followers quickly recognize your content.

Price: Free image design and pay-as-you-go premium graphics. Canva Pro starts at 1,000 yen per month, and you can create transparent backgrounds and animated GIFs.

5 Photoshop Express (iOS, Android, Windows)

That’s right, and Photoshop can be used on smartphones.

Mobile apps aren’t as versatile as desktop apps, but they give you practical image editing so you can control your entire photo. Easily use tools like those used on your desktop (such as the ability to remove scratches and spots on your photos partially) to streamline your work.

In addition, there are multiple controls, filters, presets, and unique options (such as watermarking).

Price: Free

Instagram Video App

Creating compelling videos for your business Instagram account is possible even if you’re not a professional video creator. With a video app for Instagram, anyone can shoot videos and create high-quality professional-grade videos right away without a computer or video editing software.

6 Boomerang From Instagram (iOS, Android)

Boomerang is an Instagram- created app that features the ability to create GIF-like loop videos with a series of photos. Once the video is complete, you can publish it immediately or post it later.

Price: Free

7 Life Lapse (iOS, Android)

Boomerang is great for making GIF-like videos, but Life Lapse is a more feature-rich app that lets you create long stop-motion videos for product introductions. You can take as many photos as you like, set the size of the video, and then adjust the speed to add copyright-free music.

Price: Free (optional features can be purchased within the app)

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8 HypeType (iOS)

HypeType is a huge library of different fonts and animations that make it easy to caption individual sections of shots and videos taken with the app. When you’re done, you can post your video to Instagram without leaving HypeType.

Price: Free watermarked video. In-app purchases allow you to remove watermarks and use additional fonts.

Instagram Marketing App

Ready to post? To connect with many people and to increase followers, it is necessary to use hashtags and actively interact with followers. You can do that with the best marketing apps.

9 Repost For Instagram (Android)

You don’t have to always look through the lens to take a picture. If you have a community posting user-generated content, you can curate their images with credit. In that case, use Repost for Instagram.

To share a third-party image with your account, copy the URL you want to share and then open Repost. A credit icon will be added to the image, the description will be copied, and you will post it to your account immediately.

Price: Free

10 AutoHash (Android)

AutoHash may be the easiest way to find the best Instagram hashtag for your image. AI recognizes the object in the image and provides the best hashtag based on the object. It counts the number of hashtags so that you won’t exceed the 30 limits. You can save your favorite hashtags in the app.

AutoHash will save the selected hashtag to your clipboard when you’re ready to post, so all you have to do is paste it into the description or comment section.

Price: Free

11 Display Purposes (web)

Display Purposes is a web-based tool that allows you to manage the hashtags you have selected for your posts. Start with keywords or existing hashtags and suggest additional hashtags that match your image. This is useful when you want to increase your Instagram followers in a niche area.

You can increase or decrease the number of tags, and Display Purposes will provide hashtags according to your settings. If you switch to manual operation, you can also choose yourself from a list showing the relevance and popularity of individual hashtags.

Price: Free

Instagram E-Commerce App

It’s great to post your product on Instagram to improve your business awareness and followers, but in the end, you should continue to post on Instagram for sales.

The following apps, Shopify in the in-Star grams, share photos of easy visitors -in static grams or find the products that we saw in, and ease the flow or buy on the site.

12 Instafeed (Shopify)

Instagram photos can be used for purposes other than interacting with customers on Instagram. For example, we can introduce the usage environment of products and the functions that complement each other to the visitors of websites and online shops.

With Instafeed, you can easily add Instagram photos to your store and tag the products featured in your photos, giving online shop visitors a lead to the products featured on Instagram. 

Price: $ 3.99 / month ~ Free plan available

13 (Shopify)

Like Instafeed, allows you to create a gallery of Instagram images on your website. In addition to displaying images posted by the brand, also allows users to upload product images to the gallery.

You can also tag your gallery photos, view their prices, and add a buy button in a popup. In addition, provides detailed analytics so you can see gallery performance by metrics such as views, engagement, and orders.

Price: 1 gallery, photo 1 free of charge until 1 tagging of goods per point. The basic plan costs $ 14.99 per month, with 2 galleries, tagging multiple products, and uploading custom photos.

Instagram Management Tool

To encourage your audience to grow and your fans to come back, you need to publish fresh content on Instagram regularly. However, it takes time to update your profile frequently with new photos, and the most lacking time for entrepreneurs is time.

Thankfully, various platforms pre-schedule posts and provide the resources you need to keep your profile enriched with great content. Some of these tools allow you to post from your computer, so you don’t have to rely solely on Instagram’s mobile app.

14 Sked (web, iOS, Android)

Sked is a versatile scheduling platform. Browser-based scheduling is possible to run more effective campaigns.

In addition, Sked has a photo-editing function across various fields. When you use the built-in image editing tools, you can high-resolution photos of the correction in-Star grams than the default filter. You can also upload them all at once, so you can save time in SNS marketing by batch processing photos by scheduling.

Price: Fundamentals Plan $ 25 / month ~ 7 days free trial

15 Later (web, iOS, Android)

Later is an intuitive SNS scheduling platform. It has a diverse set of features for campaign planning, including hashtag research and user-generated content sharing.

You can also organize your posts in a handy content calendar to see a preview of your Instagram feed before it’s published. Therefore, you can draw an accurate forecast when you develop your strategy.

There’s also a Saved Captions feature to help you plan and implement your Instagram hashtag strategy. You can save a group of related hashtags together without having to repeat typing. You can also reuse the most effective tactics to increase post engagement and enhance the transition from your Instagram profile to your website.

Price: Free for 1 user, up to 30 posts per month. Plus, plans start at $ 9 per month and allow up to 100 posts per user per month.

16 Hootsuite (web, iOS, Android)

Hootsuite is a powerful social networking platform that allows you to manage Instagram posting dates and publishing operations.

Hootsuite has made a name for itself as a marketing rationalization tool for platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but Instagram tools take SNS management one step further. Schedule Instagram posts in advance, and if you have a business account, we will automatically post or notify you by push notification.

Price: Professional plan starts at $ 29 / month Free trial 30 days

17 Buffer (web, iOS, Android)

Buffer is a posting schedule tool for Twitter and Facebook, but it can also be used for Instagram posts.

Just prepare your post on your mobile or desktop, and Buffer will post it directly to Instagram. With the premium plan, you can also create stories, manage schedules, embed a shoppable Instagram grid on your website, and use tools to analyze post-performance in detail.

Price: 1 user, 3 social accounts, up to 10 scheduled posts for free. Pro plan starts at $ 15 per month. The premium plan is $ 65 per month. Free trial 7 days.

Instagram Analysis App

Filling your feed with the best photos is not easy. Therefore, it is important to understand how much effort contributes to the goal.

With the right Instagram analytics app, you can measure how your Instagram marketing efforts affect your sales, what types of posts are most successful, and what tactics to re-practice. I can understand.

18 Sprout Social (web, iOS, Android)

Sprout Social is an SNS management platform with a wide range of content scheduling tools. In addition, Sprout Social detailed the in-Star gram there is an analysis function to report the performance of the latest posts accurately.

Sprout Social analytics can help you track your engagement and compare the success differences between other accounts you manage and your store accounts.

In addition, Sprout Social has tools for monitoring hashtags and comments. Great for keeping track of community trends and exploring new opportunities for engagement.

Price: Standard plan starts at $ 99 per user per month Free trial 30 days

19 Iconosquare (web, iOS, Android)

Iconosquare is an analytics platform dedicated to digging deeper into the performance of the content on Instagram.

With Iconosquare, you can look up regular engagement data such as followers and likes, as well as specific statistics about your followers, such as location and social media influence levels. If you can identify the most influential fans, you will discover new influencer marketing and outreach opportunities.

You can also compare performance against competitors to help you get an idea of ​​where you should be in the industry.

Price: Pro Plan starts at $ 29 / month Free trial 14 days

20 UserGems (Shopify)

Is any of the customers a big SNS? Have you ever thought? You can see that with UserGems. This Shopify app captures and categorizes social media information about you to pinpoint who you’re looking for.

You can identify who has more than 10,000 Instagram followers and who has the title of “Blogger” or “Journalist” in the profile section, which will help you build an influencer campaign. If you’re working on a targeted user-generated content campaign, you can even see the entire profile of every customer.

Price: Free for up to 100 customers per month. Starter plans start at $ 19 per month and support up to 250 customers per month.

Grow Your Business On Instagram

Once you know the tools you need to work, take great photos and videos that express the value of your product!

If you have any questions about Instagram Marketing, please let us know in the comments section below!

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