15 Unknown New Features In iOS 15

As we mentioned earlier, iOS 15 has many new features.

If you update your iPhone, you will get wonderful features such as ” Intensive mode (English article),” ” Notification when you are away from your hand (English article),” and ” Background sound (English article).”

However, the iOS release also includes a number of minor upgrades each year that aren’t often covered in Apple’s keynote.

Some of these unknown features are something you definitely want to try to improve your quality of life.

So this time, let’s introduce 15 unknown features of iOS 15.

Warning sound when muting the microphone

If you tap the mute button on the microphone during a call, iOS 15 will play a beep.

Therefore, you know that you have muted or unmuted the microphone. This is a useful feature because you often unknowingly mute or unmute during a call.

In iOS 15, a warning sound is played at such times, so you don’t have to worry about it. This feature is best if you are talking in full screen.

Access “Spotlight” search from the lock screen

When you have a lot of things on your iPhone, you tend to rely on the “Spotlight” search to find anything.

The good news is that you no longer have to unlock your iPhone to use Spotlight Search. Simply swipe down on the lock screen to see a list of recommended apps and a search bar at the top.

It’s also nice to be able to remove apps directly from Spotlight search.

Search for any app in Spotlight and press and hold the icon to see the “Delete” option.

You can delete an app much faster than just finding the folder that contains the app.

Faster tab switching in Safari

There are pros and cons to changing Safari’s design in iOS 15, but the final design with the tab bar at the bottom of the screen is much better than before.

You can always switch back to Safari’s single-tab view on iOS 14, so you might want to check if the tab bar at the bottom of the screen is right for you.

Because the tab bar is easily accessible (especially if you’re using a larger Max series iPhone), it’s easy to access, and you can swipe to switch tabs.

In Safari on iOS 15, you can swipe left or right on the tab bar to quickly switch between tabs. This feature is not available if you choose the traditional single tab view (the address bar is displayed at the top of the screen).

Check the app that accessed the data

iOS 15 has a great feature called “App Privacy Report” that allows you to keep track of when your app uses your device’s microphone, location, camera, and more.

You will receive a report of this data once a week so you can check if your app is unnecessarily accessing the data.

It’s a great way to monitor your app for privacy breaches.

To enable this feature, “Settings (Settings)”> “Privacy (Privacy)”> “recording app activity (Record App Activity)” proceed to “recording the app activity” to enable the.

However, the full version of this feature is not immediately available.

Block email tracking pixels

Another great privacy feature in iOS 15 is the ability to block tracking pixels embedded in emails.

Companies use a variety of techniques to check when and where you open your email.

And you’re using tracking pixels embedded in your email to track that data and get a surprising amount of information about you.

In iOS 15, such tracking can be blocked by the “Mail Privacy Protection” feature.

This feature hides your IP address from the tracker, making it difficult for email senders to track your actions on the iOS 15 Mail app.

This feature is enabled by default, but you can find it in Settings> Mail> Privacy Protection.

Rent iCloud storage to set up your new iPhone quickly

If you’re migrating from an old iPhone to a new one, you don’t have to worry about running out of iCloud storage.

You can temporarily borrow storage capacity for free, so you can easily transfer all your data to your new iPhone.

To do this, go to Settings> General> Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Reduce the huge amount of notifications at once

Suppose you’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of notifications and can’t completely disable alerts from problematic apps. In that case, you can use the ” Notification Summary ” solution in iOS 15 to get notifications from specific apps. You can set to receive all at once every day at the specified time.

This is very useful if you want to defer the push of non-urgent alerts.

Do I really need to be notified every time someone likes my Instagram post?

If you don’t need it, try setting up a notification summary in Settings > Notifications> Scheduled Summary.

Customize the Safari start page

You can customize the Safari start page on your iPhone by updating it to iOS 15.

It’s easy to customize the background and delete unnecessary items. Simply open a new tab in Safari on iOS 15, scroll to the bottom and tap the Edit button to customize it.

Copy the text in the image

Yes, iOS 15 makes it easy to copy and paste the text into images.

If someone sends you a screenshot of your address or email ID, you can just press and hold the string and copy it immediately, without having to manually enter it or search for a good OCR app on your iPhone. I can do it.

This feature works with most types of images as long as they can read strings.

You can use Siri even when you are offline

Even if you don’t have an internet connection, Siri on iOS 15 can execute some commands. You can’t retrieve information from the Internet, but basic operations such as setting alarms aren’t something you can’t do without Siri connected to the Internet.

According to Apple, Siri can do without an internet connection by setting timers and alarms, sending and receiving calls and texts, launching apps, manipulating audio playback, and tweaking certain settings.

Sorting the home screen

If you don’t like the current order of your home screen, iOS 15 makes it very easy to change. To change, hold down the screen and wait for all the icons to start moving.

Then tap the horizontally aligned dots just above the dock. Then all the home screens on your iPhone will be displayed, and you can change the order by simply pressing and holding the home screen and dragging.

You can also hide some home screens by tapping the checkmark below the thumbnail on the home screen to remove it.

To quickly remove the home screen, uncheck it and then press the minus icon in the upper left corner of the thumbnail.

Drag and drop between apps

Finally, you can now drag and drop text and other elements from one app to another.

It may not be the easiest operation in iOS 15, but it works fine.

If you’re dexterous, try long-pressing and dragging one of the notes in the genuine Apple Memo app. Hold down the dragged note, switch apps with another finger, and open a new document in Google Docs.

With the new document open, if you drop the long-pressed memo where the text is, the entire memo will be displayed there.

It’s not easy, but it’s a very useful feature once you get the hang of it.

Check who changed what with the “Notes” app

If you have a lot of shared notes in Apple’s genuine Notes app, you can now track who changed what.

Open the shared note, tap the 3-dot icon in the upper right and select “Show Note Activity” to see the change history.

Intensive mode for games

You can use iOS 15’s centralized mode to prevent banner notifications from appearing during the game.

Go to ” Settings”> “Focus” and tap the “+” button at the top right of the screen.

Select “Game “ and tap “Next.”

Here you can select who you want to allow calls and notifications during the game. If you don’t want to allow anyone, select “Allow None.”

Then select the app you want to be notified about. If you don’t like to be notified by any app, select “Allow None.”

Finally, select “Turn Gaming on Automatically” to block all notifications when you launch the game app.

New features only for iPad

So far, we’ve focused primarily on the iOS 15, but the iPadOS 15 also has some useful new features that are worth trying out.

You can reduce battery drain by going to ” Settings”> “Battery “ and enabling “Low Power Mode”.

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