What Is The Reuse Technique That People Who Produce Results In a Short Time Are Doing?

I think I’ve done my job well, but for some reason, I’m fluttering.

If you have a clue, you may be able to expect a considerable improvement by incorporating the ” one-source, multi-use ” concept.

What people produce overwhelming results in a short time are consciously doing. That is “always aware of one-source, multi-use.”

I’m a clumsy person by nature, but I was able to make a big improvement by incorporating the “one-source, multi-use” idea. This is one of the work techniques that I am still continuing, and I am consciously working on it so much that I put a piece of paper in front of my desk saying, “Let’s do it with one source”.

Thanks to that, while attending training 200 times a year, holding meetings and writing documents, publishing books at a pace of once every four months, updating YouTube and audio media Voice, etc. You can do everything without sacrificing your private life.

A work technique can be so effective. It is especially recommended for those who want to improve efficiency.

“Only one habit” for those who produce results at an impossibly fast

One-source / multi-use means to consider multiple uses (= multi-use) from one material (= one source). To put it plainly, it isreuse “.

As an aside, do you know the overseas Wi-Fi router rental service “Imoto’s Wi-Fi”? In addition, do you know the “Nishin Clinic” that became famous for PCR tests that do not require a visit? Did you know that the same company actually runs these two?

The company’s president said he wondered if he could immediately embark on the PCR business when the Wi-Fi rental business was devastated by the Corona disaster.

At this time, the president aimed for “one-source multi-use.” He said that he thought that if he utilized the know-how and infrastructure of the delivery network, support center and shipping/collection flow used in the rental Wi-Fi business, it could be realized immediately without spending time and money.

It’s no surprise that it has grown to overtake the sales of the Wi-Fi rental business before the Corona disaster in just one year.

Now, you might be wondering, “How does this relate?”

To tell the truth, it is a habit that people who produce results in a surprisingly short time unconsciously have this idea and always think, “I wonder if this can be used for that”.

Proposals, materials, and emails are based on the premise of “reuse.”

When creating familiar tasks such as proposals, reports, and emails, start by assuming “reuse”.

Then, I will introduce a concrete practice method.

Proposal / Report

When creating a proposal for a company, make it so that other companies can reuse it.

At that time, for example, if you write “administrator” in the job title part, you can use it for companies with different names such as “section chief”, “manager”, and “manager”. In this way, it’s a good idea to make words and sentences versatile in order to minimize the master’s correction flow.

On Windows, you can use the ” Ctrl + H ” shortcut to replace characters all at once, so it’s a good idea to keep words together for words that may be converted.

Mail edition

When sending an email, prepare a sentence that can be applied to “other scenes” and register it as a fixed phrase so that you can “reuse” as much as you want.

If the tool you are using is Gmail, use fixed phrase registration, and if it is Outlook, use quick parts. For more information, you can check the procedure immediately by searching the web.

Furthermore, you can devise a signature. The figure below shows that it is a method to register, including sentences when registering a signature. That alone will reduce the number of characters you need to enter when creating, so please try it.

Examples of using fixed phrases and signature lines used in emails

Click to enlarge the image

In this way, first of all, let’s acquire the habit of “reusing” in daily work.

Through repetition, I get a habit of thinking without being aware of “If you use this, you can do it immediately” and “Is it possible to make effective use of this?”

This is an idea that is always used by people who produce overwhelming results in a short time, so be sure to learn it at an early stage.

This time, I introduced a method that can be expected to be considerably more efficient by incorporating the idea of ​​”one source and multi-use”.

It’s only natural for those who are already practicing it, and you might have thought, “Well, that’s it?”

However, please use this article as a starting point to consider whether you can further improve efficiency by incorporating the “one-source, multi-use” concept in more fields.

And if you haven’t done it yet, please try it today. We hope that this content will help you improve your efficiency.

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