The 5 Best Android Games 2023

The 5 Best Android Games 2023

Every year, Android cell phones come with new updates, new features, and greater power, and all of this leaves the gamer industry with the possibility of making more and better games with features that make the most of the cell phones that are coming out, and it is just what which we will talk about today in this article, about the best Android games of 2023.

The graphics are getting better and better; those who do not have the possibility monetary capacity or simply do not want to buy a console will also be able to download excellent games on their cell phone with a graphic quality that has nothing to envy.

In fact, Android Smartphones are already specialized for gaming to become a true gamer through the most in-demand games.

This is going to be a peculiar top. I am going to mention above the games that have become very popular due to their competitiveness in recent years, but mainly, we will talk about the games that you absolutely have to play in 2023.

What Are The Best Android Games That You Can Still Play In 2023?

We start this list with the best Android games of all time, those that have been the most played and are still being played until they reach a professional level.

  • PUBG
  • FreeFire
  • COD Mobile
  • Among Us
  • Fortnite
  • Minecraft
  • battle royale
  • Asphalt
  • Rise of Empires
  • Etc

The Best Updated Games 2023

Now, we are going to talk about a unique list. In this list, you will find a series of unique games that came out in 2023 or around 2023 that have become very popular, and there are high chances of them becoming competitive professional-class games.

Yeager – A Monster Hunter-Style Video Game

Many will know the Monster Hunter saga, an incredible game that has gone through many downloads, updates, new additions, etc., for many years. It is a super popular game, and many of us are waiting for a mobile version.

However, since this game has a very high graphical demand, bringing it to a cell phone has become difficult. Still, we have already found other companies trying to make games similar to Monster Hunter with very acceptable graphic quality.

But of course, only high-end cell phones can download and play them. This time, we talk about Yeager, a video game set.

It is set in an alien era, where monsters from another planet come to Earth to eliminate the human race. In the same Monster Hunter style, we must exterminate these monsters with our weapons, armour, objects, etc.

Police Simulator 2023 – Police Simulator

It is the most realistic police simulator in the list of police simulators, and it is because of this feature that it has become such a popular game. You need at least 1.3GB of free space on your smartphone to download this game.

Ovidiu Pop brings us a spectacular open-world game where you can become a police officer with your own high-end police vehicles, including sports cars, trucks, etc. You will carry out various missions worldwide and obtain rewards that will make you improve or customize your experience.

Features of Police Simulator 2023

  • You can choose from a large number of police cars that you like to play and challenge different jobs and tasks in this free world.
  • You will fight a duel using all types of weapons to confront criminals and thus be able to punish them.
  • Flexible finger-controlled controls.
  • You will find an open world where you can walk wherever you want.
  • Incredible physical effects, high definition and super 3D engine technology.
  • Complete policy challenges.
  • Complete surveillance tasks where you can spy and take photographs of illegal activities.

FIFA Mobile 2023 – Play Soccer Like a Pro

Electronic Arts (EA) tells us that this FIFA Mobile 2023 update is a new era for this very popular game that is preparing for a live service and will remain active for the next few years.

For fans of this spectacular title, it is a game that remains Free To Play, so you can download this game completely free. However, if you are really a fan of soccer and this game there is a high probability that you will spend a few dollars inside the game.

One of the great features and updates that FIFA 2023 brings us is that it comes with graphics at 60 frames per second as long as your device is recent and can support these changes. However, this company assures us that we can change the graphic quality within the game to guarantee compatibility with most devices.

Another great novelty we can find is being able to change between four camera angles in real-time while you are playing. You will also have new camera options for different goal kicks, free kicks, corner kicks and penalties, and replays of the plays.

And to put the icing on the cake, this game will include live audio narration from legendary commentators worldwide, available in 11 languages, including English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Noah’s Heart – Open World MMORPG

RCHOUSAUR GAMES, creators of Dragon Raja, announce the arrival of Noah’s Heart. This game allows players to explore its entire virtual world where everything is possible, from fighting for a better world and living a domestic life to a great adventure. This is an open-world MMORPG game developed with the Unreal Engine 4 tool.

Humans who have lived in a time after civilization will enter an online world called “Noah”, a world that was built by a mysterious and unknown entity but that everyone knows as “The Cube”.

At this point, humans enter a great story, being able to explore a world that can be a potential path to the future. This world combines a romantic fantasy with a steampunk style and thus also being able to discover the secrets of the Cube and what humanity has in store for us.

Fading City – Survival Game

Set in a wasteland theme, Fading City is an open-world game where you will have to survive different zombie-like monsters. ACE Studio, this time is the creator of this spectacular title focusing on a shooting game, a game developed with Unreal Engine 4.

An unknown blue fog falls on a city called Weidu. This blue mist developed an appearance of battle-ready zombies within the entire collection of modern civilizations that will have to face these creatures to avoid their fragility.

In this game’s day-to-day environment, players must carefully plan how to consume their materials and energy. You have to be very careful how you perform in the game because you will face dozens of zombies and creatures the size of a building.

You have to use your head to arm yourself with different skills and strategies. Players can customize their weapons, such as pistols or other weapons, to achieve different effects in combat. Not only that, the way to kill these monsters will not be only through shooting; you can also do it stealthily, with traps and team up with other players.

You can play simultaneously with 2 to 4 friends. This way, you can form your own team and explore the different ruins throughout this open city of one million square meters. 

So, together with your companions, you can embark on an adventure to search for equipment, resources, weapons, treasures, etc. and thus build a safe haven.

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