Brand Communication, That is a Marketing Audit – Why Do You Need It?

Brand Communication, When you tell your friends about your work, you use a completely different language than when you talk to an investor, right? This is because, on a daily basis, we use different communication strategies depending on the recipient. Since we want to be identified with certain qualities and values, we try to behave and speak appropriately. No wonder we should do the same when it comes to brand communication!

The lack of such a strategy is very much felt. Even such a prosaic matter as addressing the user can bring problems: speak for you, or in the most impersonal way? Preparing well-thought-out guidelines definitely improves the entire creative process and saves time. So let’s check how to speak to attract customers!

First, you need to get to know them.

We will repeat it until we drop: the basis of good communication is getting to know your audience thoroughly. You have to speak their language and refer to the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are close to them. How do you know about it? Preferably through an audit. Marketing agencies always start with this, researching the reach of individual platforms, observer engagement, and existing communication patterns. Of course, you can conduct such an audit yourself, but we usually lack distance. We are convinced that we are doing everything right, and it is difficult to notice gaps or shortcomings. Meanwhile, the solution may be to go beyond mere thinking.

The agency will be able to say which channels our brand should appear, where to emphasize, and in what tone to speak to reach the hearts of customers. Each word creates your image on the Internet – do not lose its potential!

Remember that you are not operating in a vacuum.

In addition to recognizing your friend, knowing your enemy – the competition – is also crucial. It’s not enough just to be nice to people, and you have to convince them that our product is better than another company’s product. Therefore, the audit conducted by the marketing agency does not focus only on our current communication but also on the analysis of industry players.

This is very important as it allows you to be inspired by what is already working and avoid what is not working. In other words: it will be possible to learn from mistakes and, at the same time, find a niche to be developed by our brand. Just beware of copying someone else’s ideas, as this way, you will never stand out from the white noise.

But the marketing agency knows all this very well.

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