Search Engine Optimization | SEO Trends 2022

SEO is an area where constant change is inevitable. Algorithm modifications occur almost every day, so SEO specialists have to keep their fingers on the pulse at any time of the day. Nothing is certain, but we can predict some trends that will surely be of great importance in 2020.

Voice search – voice search

According to some opinions, this service will become more and more important for SEO in the near future. It is best to read the statistics to understand the situation (although most of them are for the US as voice search works best in English). Such queries have an increasing share in the search engine, and the next year will probably accelerate this trend even more, so it is worth focusing on website optimization and publishing a lot of guidance content.

Zero position in Google, i.e. the great importance of feature snippets

Analysts indicate that the next important issue in the coming months (and probably also years) will be the so-called zero position. The search engine consistently strives to minimize the need to go beyond it. Google’s goal is to make it easier for users to get an answer to a question without opening a few pages. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything to select the answer from our website. For this purpose, we must publish transparent articles without the so-called pouring water and try to answer specific questions.


SEO changes frequently, but many of the factors that determine a page’s position in search results will remain the same for a long time to come. UX is not only about the subjective assessment of the recipient and an attempt to encourage him to perform a specific action. If our website is properly structured, it will be well indexed by Google’s algorithms. We must take care of the proper layout of the menu, headers, content, and proper internal and external linking. It would help if you remembered that our website should be responsive and function quickly on mobile devices. Although searches from the level of phones and smartphones overtook those from the desktop computer a few years ago, responsiveness becomes more important with each passing year.

Content Marketing is still very important.

This certainly still remains the most important factor for a page’s position on Google. We must continue to publish articles that are valuable and comprehensive, that is easy to read and provide value to Internet users. This is related to building a link profile, which also remains very important and affects the website’s authority.

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