The Best Motherboards of 2021

If the processor or CPU is the heart of your computer, then consider the motherboard as the backbone. This is the electronic interface that allows the connection and communication of all internal components in a computer. With this in mind, it’s no wonder choosing a motherboard is a difficult decision when building a computer. Putting together a good PC configuration is not something as simple as choosing any CPU, RAM, GPU, connecting them, and that’s it. 

No, there has to be some compatibility between these components for them to work properly. That is why this time, we have gathered some of the Best Motherboards of 2021 on the market to help you make the right decision.

Suppose you came here intending to assemble a Gaming configuration. In that case, I suggest that you see instead of the Best AMD Ryzen Gaming Motherboards or the Best Intel Gaming Motherboards, as those motherboards are meant to create highly powerful gaming setups. However, this selection of plates that we will show you below includes several just as powerful candidates.

Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master: One of the Best Intel Motherboards of 2021 Overall


  • Possesses strong performance
  • Has a cleaner look than the previous model
  • It has 14 digital VRM Phrases


  • It is on the more expensive side

If you are looking for a new motherboard that is compatible with the new 10th Gen Intel Core processors, The Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master is our pick for the best overall option. It may not be the most affordable on the list, but it is also far from the most expensive. Certainly, this balance makes it the preferred choice for enthusiastic users looking to get the good performance of the latest generation Intel chips.

The Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master has a cleaner overall look compared to its predecessor. This board can offer quite a bit of power, thanks to its 14 phase digital VRMs with 90A smart power stages. It is also equipped with a large thermal reactive armor, including a dedicated heatsink for each M.2 SSD slot.

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wi-Fi: One of the Best AMD Motherboards of 2021 Overall


  • Has several slots and port options
  • Stays well refrigerated when in use


  • It’s a little expensive

The MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wi-Fi motherboard is an excellent choice for AMD processors. While still supporting 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen processors, it is also designed to take full advantage of the latest 3rd Gen models. Your FROZR HEATSINK fan is designed to provide maximum performance for enthusiasts and professional gamers alike. Core Boost technology helps you squeeze every bit of processing power out of your chip. 

The MPG X570 has four DIMM slots for DDR4 RAM up to 4,400Mhz that are boosted higher when overclocked.

This board is stocked with a pair of PC Ie 4.0 compliant M.2 SSD slots that are kept cool with MSI’s Shield Frozr heatsink. Part of the dissipation design of the motherboard, it is specially designed for the thermal protection of its components. In fact, it is optimized for water cooling as another cooling option. In addition, its Mystic Light RGB LED technology allows you to personalize your PC with 16.8 million colors and 29 effects; that can be controlled from the Mystic Light application or from your mobile device.

Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme: One of the Best Motherboards of 2021 in Greater Waste


  • Fantastic performance
  • Excellent cooling
  • Strong build quality


  • Incredibly expensive

The Maximus IX Hero is one of the best boards produced by ASUS, so it is loaded with features that make it a great product today. It has a Socket LGA 1200 for compatibility with 10th generation Intel Core processors. Allows you to tune your system with AI-optimized overclocking profiles, which takes CPU and cooling temperature as a reference. If you like air cooling, this board provides you with eight 4-pin connectors and an additional connector for an adapter for four more fans. This means that you can control up to twelve fans on this board with a minimum of effort.

The Maximus XII Extreme supports up to four M.2 storage drives. Two of these slots, up to 110mm, are located on the ROG DIMM.2, next to the memory. While the other two are under the aluminum heatsinks. ASUS includes OptiMem III technology that allows higher capacity memory kits to run at maximum frequency, while other motherboards sacrifice frequency for capacity or vice versa.

MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon: One of the Best Motherboards of 2021 more balanced


  • Good performance
  • Modest price
  • Discreet design


  • Poor VRM heat sinks

The Gigabyte Z390 lets you experiment with the new generation of MSI motherboards, equipped with 10th generation Intel processors. Mystic Light technology gives you complete control of lighting; it Supports RGB RAINBOW LED strips with 16.8 million colors and 29 effects. This board adopts a Lighting ASmedia 3241 USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 controller, which is capable of providing transfer speeds of up to 20Gb / s through its rear USB Type-C port. It has a pre-installed IO shield, which facilitates its installation process. This shield also protects your motherboard from electrostatic discharge damage.

The Gigabyte Z390’s Wi-Fi 6 connection adopts the latest OFDMA and MU-MIMO two-way technologies, providing wireless transmission speeds of up to 2.4Gbps. It also features high-bandwidth, low-latency Ethernet networks for demanding content creators and power users. The aluminum cover and M.2 Shield Frozr help keep your PC cool, with reliable high performance. Lastly, the AUDIO BOOST 4 rewards your ears with studio sound quality for a much more immersive gaming experience.

MSI MEG Z490 Godlike: One of the Best High-end Intel Motherboards of 2021


  • Excellent performance
  • Fast connectivity
  • OLED status display


  • No USB 3.1 Gen2x2 ports
  • Very expensive

The MSI MEG Z490 Godlike gives you just about anything you could want from a 10th-generation Intel motherboard and much more. It has 4 DIMM slots that support up to 128 GB of RAM with 5,000Mhz of speed in overclocking . The GODLIKE features a 16 + 1 + 1 phase INTERSIL digital PWM with 90A intelligent power stages. Plus, dual CPU power connectors to unleash the true power of your processors. It also has a Frozr heatsink for the VRM modules, which is designed with double bearings to provide the best performance. This feature also eliminates the problem of fan noise in low-load situations.

The MSI MEG Z490 Godlike offers capacity for three Turbo M.2 compatible with the PCIe 3 × 4 standard with transfer speeds of up to 32 Gb / s. It even features M.2 Shield Frozr, which is a double-sided thermal solution to provide better device cooling. Additionally, the MEG Z490 GODLIKE features a built-in 10G Super LAN, 2.5G LAN, and the latest Wi-Fi 6 solution that offers the best connection experience with zero lag. If you think that these features are few, I inform you that this board includes a colorful OLED panel that indicates its status and combines the hardware monitor with the debugging function. Also, you can customize your profile to show your own personality. It’s expensive, to be sure, but this is a worthy motherboard for anyone who wants to go all out.

MSI Z490-A Pro: One of the Best Motherboards of 2021 with the best budget


  • Affordable
  • Strong performance


  • NO PCIe 4.0
  • Small visual flash

The MSI Z490-A Pro, despite being a board with an excellent budget, supports 10th Generation Intel Core / Pentium Gold / Celeron processors compatible with the LGA 1200 socket. In addition, it supports up to 128 GB of 4800 dual-channel DDR4 memory. MHz. It has Twin Turbo M.2 technology with Shield Frozr that allows you to obtain transfer speeds of up to 32 GB / s for each SSD. Its Core Boost technology combines an optimized circuit design, two CPU power ports, and a digital power design to ensure accurate and consistent power.

The extended metal heatsink increases the heat dissipation surface, ensuring that even high-end processors run at full speed. 

A more extensive aluminum cover improves the heat dissipation of the VRMs and ensures that the power supply system can keep constant. The Z490-A Pro is certainly not loaded with RGB lights; however, a few can be added. Its Audio Boost rewards your ears with studio sound quality. Customer reviews point to it being a well-built board, ideal for more budget-friendly mid-range setups.

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