How Do Brands Use WhatsApp For Marketing?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app today, used by over 2 billion users worldwide each year. Initially, it was mainly used for exchanging text messages, photos and videos but quickly became an excellent alternative to expensive international phone calls. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that Whatsapp can also be a very effective marketing tool. We explain how the world’s largest brands benefit from this potential.


The company has been using Whatsapp since 2015 to contact its customers, answer their questions about products and promote their new products. Recently, however, Adidas launched a new campaign via an app that combines live chat with influencer marketing. A very interesting action was organized: recreational sports players were offered the opportunity to “loan” professionals (wearing Adidas outfits, of course) for the upcoming games.

The Financial Times Magazine

The Financial Times magazine in 2019 provided its subscribers with two free articles a day in a special group on the Whatsapp application. As it turned out, readers were much more likely to discuss their content than via other social media. Even though the audience was smaller, they were more engaged and promoted the magazine to their friends.

Absolut vodka

However, much earlier, in 2013, the advertising potential of WhatsApp was discovered by the Swedish company Absolut. Although it was founded in 1979, while other vodka producers have a much longer history, it has managed to establish itself as a traditional product. Using Whatsapp, nostalgic material was disseminated that evoked the old, iconic Jim Beam whiskey commercials. Celebrities such as Mila Kunis were involved in the promotion.

Hellmann’s mayonnaise

In 2014, the company used WhatsApp to market its flagship products in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. To this end, the “WhatsCook” campaign was launched with the involvement of professional chefs. They contacted potential customers by sending them recipes for which Hellmann’s mayonnaise could be used.

Yoox Personal Shoppers

The Yoox Personal Shoppers sales platform was also very successful via Whatsapp. In an experiment that consisted of offering products to customers via messaging, the company generated a whopping $ 80,000 in revenue.

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