Microsoft Azure: What Is It, And What Is It For?

Microsoft Azure What Is It, And What Is It For

Currently, many companies are in the process of digital transformation. You are going through all the necessary stages until you can begin the transition of your operations from the physical plane to the virtual channel. You are taking advantage of all the advantages of establishing our businesses in this channel. 

Faced with this reality, many companies have detected the needs of their clients and have developed new technological applications to cover the new needs that emerge from a field characterized by digitalization. This is the case with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud solution that allows SMEs to carry out their daily operations efficiently. This article tells you everything you need to know about it.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a set of Microsoft services characterized by being based in the cloud, allowing its users to work from anywhere in the world, with the only requirement of having an internet connection stable enough to carry out operations required by their professional responsibilities.

Currently, Microsoft Azure integrates more than 200 products and services. In addition, it is constantly exploring new needs that may arise, aiming to develop new applications or adapt existing ones whenever possible. 

It is also worth knowing that Microsoft Azure belongs to the category of pay-per-use applications. This is an essential advantage for all companies looking for a scalable solution with which to work as their company grows. 

Microsoft Azure: What is it for?

Once we have learned what Microsoft Azure is, it is time to explore all the options it offers us to know how it can help our business in particular. For this reason, we have detected three areas in which it can help you improve your business’s operations. 

  • Cost reduction: One of the main elements on which we will explore the benefits that Microsoft Azure offers us is related to the cost reduction that impacts our business. Historically, companies had to invest significant money to provide their operations with the necessary infrastructure. Currently, cloud solutions allow us to lighten this cost structure considerably. 
  • The cost of personnel: Thanks to the automation and simplicity that the Microsoft tool offers us to carry out any day-to-day operations, companies can keep their workforce the same, causing their costs to skyrocket. However, the entire process of growth and evolution can evolve in a very scalable way. 
  • Security: Finally, we must remember everything related to security. In the case of Microsoft, the company has a payment encryption system that helps us cover all available areas. In this way, we can direct our resources towards those areas that will allow us to ensure coverage of all our needs.

How Microsoft Azure works

With more than 200 products and services in Microsoft Azure, we find many areas in which its presence can be decisive for the correct development of our business. In this section, we have selected only some of them so that you can learn more about how this tool can help you.

Storage in Azure

Storage is one of the most important aspects when we mention Microsoft Azure. This is the Backup service, one of the most in-demand among all those that make up the platform. Depending on our company’s specific needs, we can contract different products. Blob Storage covers the generic data backup service or Disk Storage to add space to virtual machines.

Microsoft Azure Virtualization

Virtualization is another of the services offered by Microsoft Azure that generates greater expectations among all companies. It allows us to create virtual servers in just a few minutes. As with the rest of the services that Microsoft presents to us, it is one of the best options when we want to have greater control of the cost structure of our business. Since they allow us to adapt this virtualization to the needs of any company, facing payment only if it is used for specific reasons and it will not be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

In addition to storage, backups, and virtualization, we find many options that can help us manage many areas daily, from DevOps to everything related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We were going through security or databases. Many options help us make the most of all our options when we want to execute everything related to our daily life. 

Open source

In addition to everything we have mentioned previously, one of the determining elements that Microsoft Azure has compared to the rest of the options in the digital field is its open-source nature. In this way, using different data sources and operating systems is much easier to use it from any application. We are adapting the solution to the needs of our business. 

What is the type of client that can work with Microsoft Azure?

Many customer profiles can work with Microsoft Azure and obtain the best performance. However, it is especially recommended for those small and medium-sized companies that need certain cloud services to cover all their existing needs. 

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