Digital Marketing – 3 Trends For The Coming Year

Digital Marketing: What was 2020 about? With a pandemic, great social unrest, and events that divided people. So, can we predict what trends we will face in the next twelve months? You can always try! Here are three things that will soon be (or already are) popular in the marketing industry.

Digitization and diversification

Due to budget cuts for advertising this year, we can expect a rebound soon. Forecasts (Zenith) indicate a 5.8% increase in spending in this area on a global scale. It turns out that brands prefer to run their campaigns on the Internet than through traditional media, and therefore the share of digital marketing will increase to 51% in terms of the advertising budget. However, companies will be rather wary of the second wave of the pandemic in mind, so it is possible that they will spend more money directly on influencer marketing, as they gain more than through organic advertising on social media.

Deepfake offensive

The so-called Synthetic media (artificial intelligence images) will still mess around in 2021. We can expect a lot of deepfakes using images of famous people to be crafted by algorithms to make them look real.

Some brands will certainly try to use it in their marketing campaigns, e.g. to prepare different language versions of a video advertisement intended for different markets. However, such activities will be very risky, as such technologies are associated with fake news and disinformation rather than good PR. Hence, advertising with ambassadors or, again, influencers will be included in the price.

More and more changes to social platforms

In today’s application market, players are changing like in a kaleidoscope: everyone has their own five minutes until something better replaces them. Of course, there are some anchor points, but they also need to adapt to changing trends.

Currently, we socially rely heavily on social media platforms. They have become necessary mainly because only with their help can we make interpersonal contacts without leaving home. Therefore, we can choose among many applications, and the largest ones will try to keep our attention at all costs.

Pay attention to how Facebook and Twitter will try to look more like TikTok next year, mainly due to short recordings. We can already see a preview of this action on Instagram in the form of Instagram Reels. And what new features will we see in the future? It remains to wait patiently.

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