Facebook Makes It Easy To Monetize Your Content.

The new Facebook updates enable easier and faster content monetization, which means that now creators will be able to earn money more easily from their work. As the platform representative claims, these changes arose as a result of an agreement with both parties. Therefore, the focus was primarily on engaging audiences, managing their presence, and building a business.

But what is it all about?

For a long time, it has been known that the Internet lives on advertising. Everyone who creates content survives on monetization – that is, they receive money for displaying ads on their YouTube or Facebook channel or for links in posts. The rules of monetization are strict, e.g., ads will not appear in a movie that deals with a controversial topic. As you can see, it could also be a way of punishing creators who break community standards in some way.

Another way for creators to earn money is to partner with a given brand. Influencers live on this – they get paid as brand ambassadors or specific products to advertise them to recipients.

Now Facebook is introducing some new rules to streamline the process. Here they are.

In-stream ads

If the site has a minimum of 600,000 minutes of views of his videos within 60 days, he will get access to monetize his videos. Additionally, it must have at least five recorded video materials. This is a significant extension of the availability of in-stream advertising.

Various formats

From now on, creators creating short videos will also be able to earn. In-stream ads can now also be placed in videos with a minimum length of a minute. Previously, this option was only available to recordings of more than three minutes.

Ads in stories

A very interesting solution! For now, it is unfortunately in the testing phase, but if all goes well, it will be an easy way to monetize it. What is going on? With this update, creators will be able to monetize with ad stickers embedded in stories. This is once again a tribute to people who create short content on Facebook, not necessarily podcasts or video essays.

In-stream advertising also during the live broadcast.

Another interesting option. The update introduces the possibility for all creators (who meet the mandatory criteria, of course) to be able to show in-stream ads while live streaming and thus earn money. You could say that from now on, Facebook is getting closer to normal television – after all, we already have advertising blocks, right?

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