SEO On Google. How To Build The Visibility Of The Website?

Google Search: What do you do when you are looking for new marketing ideas? And when are you looking for a gift for a friend or do you have a problem with the car?

You’re probably looking for an answer in Google Search, as do 81% of online shoppers. It is, therefore, no exaggeration to say that without adequate visibility in this medium, other marketing activities will be ineffective. This is precisely what SEO was created for, and it is designed to provide us with a sufficiently high position in the search results. But how to properly start positioning? Here are some basic tips.

Technical issues

The most important thing is the right website formula. In order to optimize it well, three things must happen. First, the search engine must be able to see the page. Second, it has to scan it properly. In the end, a given site must be included in the index, which organizes all the content on the web. Thanks to this, the algorithm will be able to display the page if it deems that it contains a response to the user’s query.

You have to remember that a person sees a site differently than Google. For the search engine, it is just text, while we see a collection of graphics, fonts, and links. Therefore, the website must be well prepared for the user and the algorithm.

It must load quickly, have a clean URL, and a working, orderly internal linking. You should also make sure that you have added a sitemap file and robots.txt to it, without which your site will not be indexed. Finally, you need to know that duplicating content from individual subpages provokes the algorithm to apply a penalty and omit such subpages in search results.

Site content

The content translates directly into the position in Google. A good technical background will allow your website to appear in the search engine, but the content that the user and the algorithm will find translates directly into the reception of the website.

First, you need to attract specific users whose needs you can meet. To achieve this, it is necessary to determine the appropriate keywords adequate to your business profile. They need to appear in several places on the page: put the most important ones in the headers and URL, and then saturate the content (H1 titles and paragraphs) with other “help” words. Remember that you write for the machine as well as for the human – you cannot omit the ordinary reader and create texts without order and composition.

The last thing is good linking. Links from other sites should lead to your site building trust in the eyes of the algorithm. Here you can, for example, use sponsored articles.

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