Most Used Programming Languages ​​in 2021

The world of programming is always evolving, and new programming languages ​​appear every so often. But you know what a programming language is, what are the most used programming languages ​​for this year. We are going to discuss this exciting and passionate topic from the world of computing.

What is a programming language?

A programming language is nothing more than a formal language where a developer writes a series of instructions for a computer to produce various kinds of data.  

Currently, programming goes beyond computers or computers; it can affect various types of devices such as mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, televisions, and other equipment.

How can developers know which are the most used programming languages?

One of the many ways is through the TIOBE index, which the Eindhoven, Netherlands-based company TIOBE developed. And it is nothing more than a way to measure the most popular programming languages.

This index is priced based on the number of search engine results when the queries have the name of a programming language, covering these searches on Google, Google Blogs, Youtube, Wikipedia, Baidu, MSN, and Yahoo!

However, the PYPL index examines and studies the frequency with which tutorials are requested to learn a certain programming language, deducing that the more searches, the more popular the programming language is.

According to the PYPL index,  the 10 most used programming languages ​​for this year are reflected below.


One of the most popular and used programming languages

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​today

The Python programming language, one of its significant advantages, is that its learning curve is low, that is, easy to learn and use, saving time and resources. In addition to being open and used in various fields such as Machine Learning, automation, and scientific computing. It is also one of the many most used programming languages ​​today.

Python is versatile because it can be used in different fields of computer science, for example, and in Artificial Intelligence, thanks to Keras and TensorFlow libraries. Due to data processing, libraries are also used for Big Data applications and are used in web development due to its Django or Flask frameworks.


Undoubtedly one of the most used multiplatform programming languages

Among the most used programming languages, ​​Java has a more general-purpose

The Java programming language has a more general purpose, it is cross-platform, among other advantages, and multiple applications can be created for different devices.

Its scope is extensive, allowing the development of applications for mobile devices, ATMs, the Internet of Things (IoT), and web pages

It was also the default language for creating Android applications; although Kotlin is more widely used for these purposes today, Java is essential.


Among the most versatile programming languages ​​in your environment

Programming languages ​​such as Typescript, one of the most used, develop web and mobile applications.

TypeScript is nothing more than a superset of JavaScript, an open-source programming language developed by Microsoft and released in October 2012. It is designed for the creation of robust applications. This programming language solves many of the problems of the JavaScript programming language.

It is also a very versatile programming language since it can be used to develop web applications to applications for mobile devices. Making it highly demanded and loved throughout this computing environment.


This language is always among the most used in programming

Most used programming languages ​​that we see in applications such as NetFlix, GitHub, Facebook, Skype, Uber, among others, use JavaScript.

The JavaScript programming language, its official launch was in March 1996 and is currently one that is most used by developers and demanded by companies. It is lightweight, cross-platform, and used primarily on the client side. It is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​used in front-end and back-end applications and develops mobile, server, and Internet of Things applications.

It also provides developers with facilities to increase the functionality and flexibility of the applications, thanks to the libraries that can be imported into the code. Many currently very popular applications use JavaScript, such as NetFlix, GitHub, Facebook, Skype, Uber, etc.

C #:

One of the great languages ​​that are consistently among the most used in programming and easy to use

C Sharp is widely used in web applications, Windows applications, and mobile applications, making it one of the most used programming languages.

The C # or C Sharp programming language was launched in 2000; 20 years after its launch, it is still a language that many developers use since it is open-source, object-oriented, portable, and has a large community that backs it up. It is also very readable, easy, and above all because of the productivity issue.

C Sharp is used in web application development, Windows applications, and mobile applications for both iOS and Android operating systems, game development, and server-side programming.

C / C ++:

The oldest language on the list but one of the most used in programming

C ++ has many advantages, among them the efficiency of the code being among the most used programming languages.

Bjarne Stroustrup designed the C ++ programming language in 1979; it is an extension of C with object manipulation and is considered a hybrid language. For years he has had a large community supporting his career in software development.

One of the great advantages of this language is the efficiency of the code, and it is popular for creating system and application software. It is used in software infrastructure, desktop applications, and servers, etc. Thanks to all its characteristics, it is never missing among the lists of the best programming languages ​​most used worldwide for many years.


It is a language to develop web with more usability and used by developers

PHP is an open-source programming language and widely used for web development

The Danish-Canadian developer Rasmus Lerdorf created the PHP programming language in 1994, an acronym for hypertext Preprocessor, and is an open-source programming language that can be embedded in HTML; it is widely used for web development.

PHP is popular since multiple web pages and portals are developed with this programming language: Wikipedia, Sourceforge, Facebook, and Sourceforge. Among its main advantages is that it has a very low learning curve, the environments to be developed are easy and quick to configure, it is easy to access and integrate with databases, it is also a multiplatform language and has a very large community that supports it. Endorses, as a consequence of that great community, it is a language with the greatest use in the world.


Of the best environments and programming languages ​​oriented to the most used statistical analysis

R is an environment and programming language with a perspective to statistical analysis.

Among the most used R is an environment and programming language with a perspective to statistical analysis. This language arose from a free software reimplementation of the S language and is used in scientific research, machine learning, and data mining.

Among its main features are effective handling and storage of data, graphical utilities to visualize the data; it is well developed, including conditional jumps, loops, recursive functions, and utilities for data input and output.


one of the programming languages ​​with decades and currently one of the most used

Objective-C is the primary programming language on iOS, Mac OS X, GNUstep, including this Swift list.

Brad Cox developed the Objective-C programming language in 1980. Today it is used as the main programming language in iOS, Mac OS, GNUstep, including Swift on this list. This programming language contains supersets C.

Among the advantages of Objective-C are that it works optimally with C ++ and Objective-C ++. It also has dynamic characteristics in its way of working, such as the swizzling method and its support when inserting binary frames.


One of the easiest programming languages ​​to develop iOS and Mac OS applications

Swift aims to develop applications for iOS and Mac OS

The Swift programming language developed by Apple is among the most widely used programming languages ​​worldwide, intending to develop applications for iOS and Mac OS, presented at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2014. Despite its short history, it has a development community behind it, especially since it became open source

Among the advantages of this language that is compatible with Objective-C libraries, you can also access functions of the C programming language. It is also a simple language to program; in this way, it attracts more developers. It has properties that make it more secure than other languages, and Apple has worked hard to make it very friendly with the developer to make its applications more popular.

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