What Are The Functions That Utilize Artificial Intelligence And What Is The Future Of AI?

Artificial Intelligence

AI (artificial intelligence) is currently playing an active role in various fields using the learning methods introduced so far.

We have summarized the functions that utilize AI (artificial intelligence) by category, so let’s check what they are used for.

An eample of a function that utilizes AI by category

  • Category – An example of utilization area
  • Computer vision – Image classification / image generation / object detection
  • Natural language processing – Machine translation/language modeling/answer to questions
  • Medical care – Medical image segmentation
  • Methodology – Distributed expression (word embedding) / expression learning
  • Game – Video games / board games
  • Graph – Link prediction / node classification
  • Speech – Speech recognition / speech synthesis
  • Time series – Time series classification / substitution
  • Audio – Music generation / audio classification
  • Robot – Calibration / self-position recognition
  • Music – Music information retrieval/music modeling
  • Computer code – Dimensionality reduction / program synthesis
  • Inference – Decision-making / common sense reasoning
  • Knowledge base – Knowledge Graph / Causal Discovery
  • Hostility – Attack / Defense / Hostile Text
  • Others – Recommendation / topic model

The Future Of AI

The ones introduced above are just examples. As AI technology is being put to practical use every day, it is expected that it will be used in a wider range of applications in the future.

Singularity (Technical Singularity)

Singularity is an important factor in thinking about the future of AI

The singularity (technical singularity) is a term that has been used by AI researchers since the 1980s and refers to the critical point between humans and artificial intelligence. In other words, it represents the time when AI is at the same level as the human brain is born.

In general, AI (artificial intelligence), which has become equal to humans, is predicted to evolve at an accelerating pace starting from singularity. It should be noted here that it is a little premature to simply think that “AI (artificial intelligence) exceeds humans”.

Ray Kurzweil, the inventor of the United States, who created the opportunity for the word singularity to attract attention, defines it as “the time when artificial intelligence merges with human intelligence,” and AI  integrates with humans. It has been pointed out that there is a possibility that it will evolve.

AI, which has the same intelligence as humans, greatly transforms a society by substituting and assisting human actions and thoughts, or by cooperating with humans. It is predicted that DX will occur due to the development of AI (artificial intelligence), and that human beings and AI (artificial intelligence) will essentially change.

By the way, Ray Kurzweil mentioned above predicts that the singularity will be reached in 2045.

Work That Will Not Disappear or Work That Will Not Disappear Due To The Evolution Of AI (artificial intelligence)

In recent years, we welcome the fact that technologies that utilize AI (artificial intelligence) have become familiar and convenient, but on the other hand, “the development of AI does not deprive humans of their jobs. I have more chances to hear the voices that I am worried about.

It seems that many people are worried about how to choose a job, as various media are all warning that “this kind of work will be weeded out by AI (artificial intelligence) eventually”. ..

However, it often feels like a little overkill is used to fuel people’s anxiety.

It is also true that there is still an unfilled gap between human NI (natural intelligence) and AI (artificial intelligence) expressed on a computer. In fact, most of the AI ​​ currently being developed is problem-specific and only works to solve one modeled / mathematical problem.

Some may wonder, “Why don’t we collect a lot of problem-specific intelligence?” However, collecting small intelligence cannot be the intelligence that thinks about the whole like human beings. Even if we reach the singularity mentioned above, AI (artificial intelligence) cannot immediately think about all problems.

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