How To Increase Your Online Sales With The Right Payment Gateway?

How To Increase Your Online Sales With The Right Payment Gateway

One variable that defines the purchasing process and decisions in the digital sphere is the payment process. When it must be formalized, the chances of generating a feeling of mistrust grow. Not paying attention to this condition can lead to a loss of sales opportunities, and, worst of all, it is something relatively easy to avoid. Passing this test becomes much more affordable if we have a payment gateway with which the customer can always find payment methods that are familiar to him and that he is used to using; the security of customer and card data is protected according to the regulations and offers us the necessary tools to increase our sales according to our business model.

Global Payments: The importance of having a professional and optimized payment gateway

 Therefore, investing in a solution adapted to our target audience’s needs becomes decisive. Identifying and implementing a robust payment gateway, such as Global Payments, can mark a before and after conversion rate. Any eCommerce should carry out functions such as:

  • Identification of the type of client and facilitate their preferred payment methods. Global Payments puts more than 240 different payment methods at our disposal, which guarantees access to the most common options at a national and international level.
  • Provide security: Global Payments complies with regulations to provide greater confidence in payments and, ultimately, achieve a more significant margin of protection for users.
  • Locate pain points and introduce corrective measures. Knowing where the online sales process of our products fails becomes an essential competitive factor. Some of the most common pain points are the absence of a unified login or a common interface, excessively long charging periods or the absence of payment alternatives that suit the target audience or their circumstances (especially concerning geographical conditions).
  • Offer different services according to the business model. Some businesses work by subscription, and for this, they need to store the cards safely to be able to use them every month. Others need to generate ad hoc orders and collect them from a payment link, or traditional e-commerce only seeks to collect orders easily and safely. In any case, the payment gateway plays an indisputable role, and Global Payments adapts to all these cases.
  • Implement a system oriented to omnichannel, based on the simultaneous presence of different face-to-face and online channels. In addition, relate them to each other, taking the user experience as the only reference. In the end, it is about that the customer can choose which specific channel they want to use and offer them the tools so they can make their purchase comfortably.

 In the same way, once we have captured the sale, we must analyze them and optimize our sales flows. The appropriate payment gateway must provide accurate and effective analytics to:

 Carry out a more controlled and rigorous analysis of the transactions that are carried out within a platform or web page.

  • Optimize those operations that have been rejected and establish greater control over payments.
  • Access analytics resources to accurately interpret user behaviour.
  • Have a history of transactions that have been formalized within a given period of time.
  • Carry out comparative analyzes to locate weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in purchase flows.

In short, your customers want to pay quickly and securely, and choosing the payment gateway that works best for your online business is a decision that you must take very carefully. If it is the correct one, and here we have presented the Global Payments one, it will help you increase your sales while you focus on the day-to-day of your commercial tasks, stock control, logistics, and many other tasks that surely take up all your time.

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