Why Big Data And Machine Learning Will Be Essential To Drive The Growth Of App Development

Why Big Data And Machine Learning

The reference to the management of big data and machine learning would be the future elements, allowing us to push toward a new type of development at the application level.

Currently, there are more than 5 billion mobile devices worldwide, which does the work of those involved in developing applications truly thriving.

It has been predicted that the app development industry will be worth 20 billion dollars by 2020, but this goal could not be achieved without the help and use of the so-called Big Data.

If there are applications capable of generating up to a million dollars a day, most of the programs present still need to manage to monetize the amount invested in their creation.

This is why big data can lend a hand to all those developers who are still struggling to make ends meet.

The use of big data and machine learning to analyze the behavior

One of the main objectives that should be set when it is necessary to develop an application is the analysis of the users’ behaviors when interacting with the app itself.

Companies are only recently coming to understand how important these preliminary analyzes are, and if you think that Google started to disseminate Analytics only in 2012 massively, you can also understand why many other business realities still need help to integrate this form of thought in its development activity.

For these reasons, big data and machine learning may come to play an even more important role in such cases.

Big data was once reserved only for large companies, characterized by the fact that they could count on large budgets. However, today the large presence of resources, for example, for Amazon Web Services, makes these operations of analysis and use of big data much simpler, even for the smallest realities that will be able to pay from time to time for the services used.

Big Data and machine learning as elements of the future

It is also believed that combining Big Data analysis and machine learning can lead to what will be the real software of the future.

Today there are programs, such as Pyze, which allow you to segment your users automatically and also to use the data that derives from this segmentation in order to improve application development.

In fact, this analysis software allows you to overcome what has always been the gap between big data and data that companies can use.

Therefore, thanks to access to these resources, it is possible to develop customized applications, which will change according to the experience of use of the individual subject.

Thanks to this automation, it will also be possible to allow the development of better applications and make much more from an economic point of view, unlike what happens today.

Many companies follow this direction and are busy investing in Big Data and machine learning.

Industry experts have also repeatedly stressed how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analysis systems could be increasingly used to improve the customer experience in using an app.

In fact, instead of investing in futuristic scenarios, companies today should focus on the user experience and on what could be the feedback given by the user when he takes care of putting his hand to a particular product.

In this sense, Big Data and machine learning could be real tools of the future for many developers.

In conclusion

It is likely that the future is really near and that it is already possible to glimpse what the scenarios referring to the development of technology will be in the coming years.

However, those who work in the application development field should certainly have in mind the tools to exploit the greatest potential of technology in the coming years.

Those who focus on the use of big data analysis and machine learning will likely consider themselves successful from different points of view and start making an effective profit from the work done.

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