Big Data And Artificial Intelligence: Partners In Medicine

Big Data And Artificial Intelligence Partners In Medicine

The health sector encompasses a large volume of patient, treatment, or disease data. Behind these medical data, there is information that can be valued thanks to Big Data techniques.

That is the path that medicine is currently following, applying technological tools or data analysis to the work that doctors do daily to make it more agile and precise.

The ultimate goal of these changes should continue to be “helping and being able to provide social and patients with drugs or health solutions that improve their lives.”

The presence of Big Data in medicine

Medicine has begun to take its steps in Big Data and new technologies. It is a reality; we are not discussing the future but the present.

How does Big Data help the doctor in his day-to-day?

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are here to stay. A few years ago, in hospitals, doctors carried books in the pockets of their gowns, manuals, and now that is forgotten. Now they carry tablets, and mobile devices, with which they consult the information for real-time decision-making through different applications.

Why is the early detection of sepsis important?

Sepsis is a highly time-dependent pathology. Like other socially known diseases, such as myocardial or cerebral infarction, it is a pathology that the sooner you detect and treat it effectively, the more lives are saved. It has been shown that mortality increases significantly for every hour lost in the early detection of sepsis or in the initiation of treatment.

Apply new technologies in health.

We see that new technologies are also applicable to the field of health and medicine.

Can they be applied to other diseases?

There are many pathologies in which we still have room for improvement. Furthermore, that margin for improvement has to be covered by doing things differently. Doing them, as always, has made enormous achievements, but implementing new technologies is the way to reach personalized care and medicine, that precision medicine that is already being used in other cases with promising results.

We are optimistic about the future; it is the way forward, a line of research that we have to promote and support from all institutions, including the pharmaceutical industry, and that applies to other fields.

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