The Best Cloud Storage Sites 2021

Cloud Storage: The trend of storage in the cloud is increasingly on the rise and has also replaced the trend of internal storage owned by companies. This leads to great advantages from the point of view that instead of spending creating and maintaining all this infrastructure. So your data is distributed through the infrastructure of a provider (servers, hard drive, connectivity, etc.) and in exchange for a monthly income which you do not have to worry about since your data is safe, secure, easy access and you can share them with other users if you want.

Currently, there are many cloud providers, but we must know how to choose which is the ideal one and which suits our needs. It is essential to offer the maximum amount of storage and bandwidth at feasible prices; also, never stay with one without first doing a market study and comparing them.

The best options in the cloud: most offer a capacity of free GB that will allow you to see if they are suitable for one and meet our needs before deciding whether to pay for a plan.  

Mega Cloud Storage

Free storage capacity in the cloud 50Gb

This is the plan for which you can choose in your businesses and companies:


The minimum of 3 users for this plan is 10 euros per user per month, but the storage and transfer are UNLIMITED.

Mega Cloud Services Pricing

These are other personal plans they have:


  • € 4.99 / month 400Gb, with 1Tb of transfer


  • € 9.99 / month 2Tb, with 2Tb of transfer
  • € 19.99 / month 8Tb, with 8Tb of transfer
  • € 29.99 / month 16Tb, with 16Tb of transfer

Firstly, they have platforms for both desktop and mobile, UWP (designed for Windows 10 environment ) and MEGAcmd (command console with a wide series of commands for a greater potential of uses for Windows, Mac, and Linux ). Extensions for browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera), MEGAbird (extension for Thunderbird for sending large volumes of files by mail), and NAS (to interact with MEGA through a command console from your NAS device).

Mediafire Cloud Storage

10Gb free cloud storage capacity

The free account carries ads, but you can add an additional 40GB through referring friends and following MediaFire’s social media accounts.

Mediafire cloud services pricing

  • Pro 1 user, plus 1Tb of storage, for only 3.75 euros/month
  • Business 100 users, plus 100Tb for only 40 euros/month

It has a mobile application, and it also has no bandwidth limit.

PCloud Cloud Storage

Free 30-day period

The pCloud business account has a free period for 30 days 1TB of storage, and pCloud Crypto is included for each user, after which you have the option of making an annual or monthly payment—considering that the minimum number of users for this plan is three.

The personal account has three payment variants: the monthly, the annual, and a single payment for life plus paying a plus for pCloud Crypto.

Prices for cloud services in pCloud


  • € 4.99 / month for 500Gb storage
  • Plus € 9.99 / month for 2Tb storage
  • € 175 for 500Gb of lifetime storage
  • Plus € 350 for 2Tb of lifetime storage

They have desktop platforms on Windows, MacOS, and also Linux. On mobile for iOS and Android. Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and finally, Opera browsers.

Dropbox Cloud Storage

Free 2Gb of cloud storage capacity

It is currently one of the favorites for the business sector and the companies sector and has several offers of plans for users.

Dropbox cloud service pricing

The Home Users have:

  • Plus € 11.99 / month or € 119.88 / year, also with 2Tb
  • Professional € 19.99 / month or € 198.96 / year, also with 3Tb

For companies, they have:

  • Standard € 12 / m is or € 120 / year, also with 5Tb
  • Advanced € 18 / m is or € 180 / year, plus the storage you need

Annual payment plans:

They have desktop platforms on Windows, MacOS, in addition to Linux. On mobile for iOS as well as Android.

Google Drive Cloud Storage

15Gb free cloud storage capacity


The Google Drive cloud storage service offers the first 15 GB for each user. The really intuitive and easy to use for users.

Share cloud storage with other Google services such as Gmail and Google Photos. If you don’t use the other services, you can use almost all the space just for Google Drive.

Monthly payment plans:

15 GB Free

100 GB € 1.99 / month

200 GB € 2.99 / month

2 TB € 9.99 / month

Annual payment plans:

15 GB Free

100 GB € 19.99 / year

200 GB € 29.99 / year

2 TB € 99.99 / year

Furthermore, the stored data can be shared with a specific Google user; by your email address or by anyone making the link public. You can also make a file read-only and prevent it from being downloaded.

It is compatible with Windows, MacOS as well as Linux. On mobile for iOS and Android.

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