iPhone 14 Mini Will Not Be Built? The Smallest iPhone 14 With a 6.1 Screen

It looks like the iPhone 14 Mini will not be built. Leaked photos from metal moulds for the production of protective cases for the latest iPhones, which are to have a screen diagonal of 6.1 and 6.4 ″.

  • a photo leaked with case moulds for the latest generation of the iPhone
  • These are to be four models with 6.1 and 6.4 ″ screens
  • There are many indications that the Mini model will not be available this year

End of iPhone Mini?

The form for the smallest model, i.e. the iPhone 14 Mini, is missing. Earlier generations, the 12 Mini and the 13 Mini, had 5.40 ″ displays. Has Apple gone for good from compact smartphones, leaving only the SE model on the market?

Returning to the disclosed forms, they are intended for 2 models with a diagonal of 6.10 ″ and 2 models with a diagonal of 6.70 ″. This is also what the current generations have. They also confirm the presence of 3 lenses only in the Pro 6.10 ″ and Pro 6.70 ″ (Pro Max) models. The rest will be devoid of the telephoto lens. Interestingly, one of the forms with a diagonal of 6.70 ″ is signed as “iPhone 14” – was it the iPhone 14 Max model instead of the compact Mini?

Leaks also confirm previous information about the 48 Mpix camera on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. They are to receive the latest Apple A16 processor, but the rest may remain with the current Apple A15 Bionic 3.20 GHz. There are voices that the Pro and Pro Max models will actually be devoid of a notch, but instead of a single capsule-shaped hole, two holes are to appear, among others, on the front selfie camera. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max (?) Models are to be more traditional, and the wide notch will not be changed. The clear change, however, is to refresh the screen at 120 Hz.

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