Increase Twitter Followers Without Cheating

Do you want to increase followers Twitter but do you want to do it correctly and fairly? Find some useful tips in our article.

On the internet, there are many “secrets” and “tricks” to increase followers on Twitter, but not all the methods reported are properly correct and respect the rules defined by the social network. Now let’s see how to increase Twitter followers in a fair way.

Tips for increasing Twitter followers correctly

Let’s start from a fundamental premise: to increase followers on Twitter in a fair way, it is necessary to invest time to study and effectively implement the right strategies.

Take care of the profile

One of the first steps to take if you want to increase the number of your followers is to optimize your profile: a well-kept and professional-looking profile, with a complete biography and profile image and captivating covers, certainly has more appeal than an uncared-for profile and incomplete.

Publish, comment and interact

General advice for those who want to increase their followers on Twitter is to publish, comment, and interact a lot with other users on the platform. An inactive profile will not entice other users to follow it. Obviously, the premise behind this strategy is to publish quality content, not spam.

Choose the right hashtags

On Twitter, just where they originated, hashtags play a very important role. Choosing the right hashtags and knowing when to use them, perhaps taking advantage of the current trends on the social network, can make a difference in terms of new followers.

Choose carefully, who to follow

On Twitter, like and more than on other social networks, it is essential to create connections: those who want to increase their followers would do well, therefore, to follow the experts and influencers of their sector, as well as those who mention their profile or keywords reference. The following is not, however, the only “weapon” available in this sense: it is important, in fact, to use replies, retweets, mentions, and direct messages.

Another activity that can prove to be very useful, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, is the one called follow-back: following those who follow us can ensure that a good percentage of Twitter users decide to follow us to get more followers.

Be proactive in replying

Answering (first) accounts that are very popular on Twitter can guarantee privileged visibility to the profile and, thus, favor increasing the number of followers.

Promote yourself, even on other social networks

To increase followers, it may also be useful to cross-promote from one social channel to another, although this move represents a double-edged sword since synchronization between different social networks often does not take into account the different peculiarities of each platform. However, anyone wanting to increase their followers on Twitter should advertise their profile as much as possible. For this reason, as well as on other social networks, it is important to include the Twitter profile in your presentations, even offline. Likewise, it is essential to embed the Twitter feed within your website in order to offer it even more visibility.

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