Data Protection And It Security In The Company

Are our data protection and IT security in the company the priority? Let’s see the fundamental points for digital security.

Nowadays, companies work with digital information systems, and managing their security is not always easy. Proper organization can prevent most risks, although there is not 100% security in IT.

Especially during the Covid-19 period, we have also seen big blows in the Public Administration, caused above all by the negligence of managers and uneducated employees.

Yet a few security measures are enough to avoid most of the problems currently widespread at a global level; a famous saying in computer science says: “the problem is between the keyboard and the desk,” and in fact, most cyber attacks exploit flaws in the person and not in the device.

A moment of distraction, perhaps caused by fatigue, is enough to block the personal data of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. But with a management plan, everything turns out to be easier.

So let’s see some advice given directly by CIS (The Research Center of Cyber ​​Intelligence and Information Security) that allows you to spare many worries.

Take An Inventory Of Devices And Software

The first step is to know how many and which IT devices are in your company. Making an inventory allows you to keep quantities under control. In case of problems, it simplifies your life in identifying on which device the problem has arisen and, in less serious cases, isolating and cleaning it.

Use What Is Strictly Necessary Only

Avoid loading your devices with unnecessary and unverified programs; allow installation and access to only essential software and websites to continue your business activity. Blocking useless sites and applications at the start solves most of the problems.

Appoint A Contract person For The Security And Management Of It Devices

In the company, there should always be a competent figure who manages the IT devices in your company. This translates into routine maintenance, software updates, and monitoring of compliance with cyber security regulations.

Install Antivirus And Update Them

If you have devices that allow antivirus software to be installed, you need to install and update them over time. This way, even with small distractions, you will get a warning whenever you visit a suspicious site or a threat that infiltrates your device.

Passwords Must Be Complex

Forget to use “pippo123” as a password for company PCs or software that stores personal data. A strong password provides greater coverage for “brute force” attacks (simply, cyber-attacks that try any alphanumeric combination to guess the correct password). And avoid leaving the written password hanging somewhere.

A correct and secure password combines uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols.

Each Employee Must Have A Personal Account, And You Must Delete The Inactive Ones.

For each person who works in your company, it is necessary to create a personal user account so that everyone works on their company device with their own account. This division makes it possible to protect the entire system (it is assumed that each employee has a specific role and access to software strictly necessary for him) and, therefore, to avoid a possible common account being compromised and prevent the continuation of the work activity of all.

Personnel Must Be Properly trained

Every company that works with IT applications must train staff on the correct use, management, and awareness of the risks of these systems.

Therefore, it is essential to carry out periodic refresher courses to instruct people to use company devices correctly and avoid irreparable damage.

The Configuration Of The Devices Must Be Done By Expert Personnel

When you buy a new device for your business, it is important to configure it correctly so that it is ready for use by you or your employees. But to do this, it is necessary to rely on competent personnel since a wrong setting is enough to create a new flaw.

Create Data Backup

The first thing to do to preserve data protection and IT security is to periodically create a copy of the data to prevent it from being lost.

Protect The Internet

To prevent an attacker from intercepting the data that surfs your internet network, it is essential to protect it (for example, with a firewall ) to avoid data theft.

Create An Intervention System In Advance In Case Of Cyber Attacks

If by any chance, you receive a cyber attacks after following all the rules, it is good not to be caught unprepared. Create a plan in advance in the event of a hacker attack and take immediate action to reduce the damage.

Keep System Up To Date

Device management, maintenance, and information security personnel should check for released software updates and install them on all devices.

Updates are periodically released that improve the security of the software and correct some security flaws. 

Data Protection And Cyber Security: The Problem Lies Between Keyboard And Chair

Most hacker attacks are viruses infiltrating because a person downloads a file they shouldn’t be downloading or logs into a site they shouldn’t be visiting.

It is therefore essential to avoid such negligence since they cause almost all companies’ cybersecurity problems. Always pay attention, install locks on company devices, and train staff. With the small tricks we have listed, you can live more peacefully and work with fewer thoughts.

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