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Email Security Tools: Phishing and social engineering are the world’s most widespread cybercrime methods. In 2023, according to data from the Police, over 20,000 cases of online scam attempts using these techniques were recorded.

Phishing & Social Engineering: the scenario 

Cybercriminal groups are becoming increasingly organized and are increasingly able to exploit the “Ransomware as a Service” business model to carry out cyber attacks for extortion purposes through a series of spear-phishing campaigns and the buying and selling of credentials on the Dark Web to be able to have direct access to IT structures and inoculate destructive malware. As reported by the latest report, in the first half of 2023, there was a significant increase ( +63.8% ) in the Phishing/Social Engineering technique for hacker attacks on businesses. This sudden growth is also partly due to the conflict we are currently experiencing. 

In this scenario, intelligent protection is indispensable, capable of recognizing potentially suspicious emails and blocking them but not only. 

We need structured security policies that guarantee data security for the company, punctual checks by certified technicians on the state of health of the service, and employee training and awareness campaigns. This requires the company to spend a lot of dedicated IT resources. 

Artificial intelligence meets technical expertise. 

With this in mind, Email Security Complete was born, the newly managed Email Security service by Quantire: a complete solution for the management and security of corporate email made up of Email Security Premium (Antispam) and Email Security Archive (Archiving). 

A combination of advanced technologies such as behavior analysis and artificial intelligence, combined with the technical skills of the Quanture team, guarantees companies security, efficiency, support, and GDPR compliance. 

New Technologies and Security: the characteristics of Email Security Complete

Email Security Complete keeps users and data safe by providing protection against spam, viruses, malware, and login attempts. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, the service is always up to date on the latest known attacks, thus guaranteeing efficient protection at all times. The technical expertise of our Engineers then guarantees the IT manager continuous support capable of simplifying the management of email security thanks to dedicated policies, a punctual analysis of blocked emails, and a report on the progress of the service. 

Email Security Complete is an important ally to guarantee email security (the primary attack vector), and to allow IT Managers, CIOs, and CTOs to act promptly on potential critical issues, thanks to the constant monitoring activity carried out by Quantire’s Managed Services team.

In addition, thanks to the archiving service, companies can easily store and retrieve email messages in compliance with legal regulations. Storage is secure and scalable to meet growing business needs in information management, including compliance with data retention requirements under GDPR. This solution cuts the cost and complexity of legacy on-prem archives and integrates with Microsoft Exchange, M365, Office 365, and other email platforms.

Email Security Complete is a complete service that manages all email security components with a managed, 100% scalable cloud infrastructure. The implementation of the service and its maintenance is managed directly by the Managed Services team of Quantire, guaranteeing the company always has the latest version of the technology available and unique flexibility. 

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