Artificial Intelligence: Present And Future Scenarios

Artificial Intelligence

What does Artificial intelligence mean in video surveillance of 2022, in a constantly changing world, with increasingly demanding customers and old and new threats to deal with? What new frontiers can we touch with innovation? With what new applications? At what times and with what advantages for users, the market, and the environment? All on a planet that is desperately asking to reduce the environmental impact and breathe a little? 

We asked the players in the physical security market, the protagonists of the video surveillance sector. If, for some, Intelligence means flexibility and technological freedom to provide a quick, accessible, and easy-to-use service, for others, artificial intelligence essentially serves to make more informed, classified, correctly filtered decisions. 


The applications are many: smart city, smart road, energy control, industry 4.0, environmental risk assessment, production control, and process automation. And again, in terms of safety:

  • Monitoring the health and safety of buyers in stores
  • Fire prevention
  • Health emergency management
  • Checking the correct use of PPE
  • Man down the warning
  • Possible scuffles or panic situations

What about the future? 

The next step to the automation of the first checks and to the filtering and classification of the data (the passage from the raw data to the usable information ready for use, so to speak) is the detection of the anomaly with respect to predefined acceptance parameters. And the next step is the taking of autonomous decisions. 

Predict events

Technological intelligence in video surveillance is today linked to AIoT (AI + IoT), i.e., a network of physical products and the implementation of artificial intelligence, thanks to which we can better understand events until they can be predicted. The “predictive” element is, therefore, the key to evolution, allowing us to anticipate potentially dangerous situations. All this without forgetting the ethical dimension of technology because AI must primarily bring benefits on a social level and in daily life.

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